Sunday, September 14, 2008


From Village Belle to OOMPH Girl---Divya Dwivedi says,”An actor should be like water, he or she should be able to flow through any stream of acting.”

Hailing from the remote Vaishali district in Bihar to the metropolitan city of Mumbai, popular Oomph girl and actress Divya Dwivedi has come a long way. In an exclusive interview with Rajendra Ganotra, Divya Dwivedi speaks about her film with Sunny Deol (The Man), her dream hero Shahrukh Khan, her aspirations and much more ……

Q) Tell me about your early life as a young girl and how did you decide to come to Mumbai?
A) I was born in Vaishali district in Bihar and during only school days I was quite adventurous and wanted to do something different.I went to the radio station and recited my poetry as I was quite interested in poems.That gave me an inside as to what is Mass Media.

Q) How did you get into acting?
A)_Initially I was involved with theatre and also had privilege of learning Kathak dance and I realized that I am fit for showbiz.

Q) What is your family background?
A) My father was in military and initially it was not easy to convince my parents as I had decided to come to the city of dreams (Mumbai).

Q) When did you come to Mumbai ?Where you not scared in a big city?
A) I was quite excited,fearless and adamant and was determined to make it big in Mumbai.After spending more than five years I feel rather strange as to how I made a beginning in a big city like Mumbai without any God Father.Today I feel sometimes scared of the bigness of this city.

Q) Tell me about the serials and the movies that you have worked in?
A) I have worked in lots of serials and movies , the latest serial Lekh Tondon’s Bikhri Aas Nikhri preet” (DD1 ) and Sunny Deol’s “The Man”. I am doing the role of Chandrika in Lekh Tondon’s “Bikhi Aas Nikhri preet”. This is a dream role for me as it was initially offered to my idol MeenaKumariji but after several years I am doing the same role. The story of this serial is of a young girl who has lot of aspirations in her life but what happens is something quite different.

Q) Could you specify your role in Sunny Deol’s “The Man?
A) In “The Man”, I play the role of the bodyguardof Sunny Deol.It is quite a challenging role for me and a great chance to work with the talented actor Sunny Deol. and director Neeraj Phatakji.

Q) How would you define yourself iteam girl or an actress?
A) Now a days many of the lead actors perform iteam numbers too.Hence I realized if you are a good actress and if you can dance well it is an asset.Therefore I would like to be known as a complete actress.

Q) What are your plans for the future?
A) Right now I am too busy to think of doing anything more than what I am currently engaged with,but,I plan to open a dance academy.

Q) And your plans for settling down in life?
A) Not now but after 5 years .

Q) A lot of actress in Bollywood today come from an army background, is there a reason for their success in the glam world?
A) Its all about being adaptable.We lead nomadic lives.We move from one city to another,so we learn to get along with all sorts of people,which help us become independent at a very early age.It boosts your confidence and that’s one quality all girls have,be it me or any one else.

Q) Your dream hero and heroine?
A) Shahrukh Khan and Meena Kumari.

Q)Lastly , your happiest moment in life?
A) My happiest moment in life is when I arrived in Mumbai as it was dream come true for me.