Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Rakesh Sawant is the director of “Wafaa” and has an amazing personality. He is a young and brilliant director who believes in his convictions and vision which he desires to give it a universal outlook through his medium of making films. Rakesh believes that he may not be the best but would like to do his work differently, thereby creating an individual statement of his own. In an exclusive interview with Rajendra Ganotra, Rakesh Sawant reveals his aspirations and talks about his "oops" famous sister Rakhi Sawant and much more…

Q) In your latest film “Wafaa”, the leads role is played by Rajesh Khanna.Why did you offer him the lead role?
A) I consider Rajesh Khanna a super star even today and possibly he is the most romantic hero I have ever seen. Hence I felt it was befitting for me to offer the role he deserves.

Q) Initially did you have any difficulty in convincing Rajesh Khanna to do the lead role?
A) After I narrated the script Kakaji was quite pleased to do the main role and I also felt privileged to work with such a great actor.

Q) During the course of shooting did you have any difficulty with Kakaji?
A I did not have much difficulty but he used to interfere with all the scenes that he was supposed to act in.Infact Kakaji wanted some changes as far as his character was concerned which I didn’t agree with, otherwise the whole story of the film would change. I convinced him and gave a logical reason as to why scenes shouldn’t changed.Hence he was convinced.

Q) Do you like to be known as Rakhi Sawant”s brother?
A) Rakhi Sawant is my elder sister. So I don’t mind being known as her brother and moreever initially I did a lot of ground work for her because of which she is well-known today. First controversy broke out in the film “Hot Money”, when I suggested that she should wear the unusual costume of coins embedded on the blouse and on the skirt too. This was the first time that an iteam girl wore such a costume and we received lot of media attention. Although Rakee Sawant is my sister I would like to established my identity as the director—RAKESH SAWANT.

Q) Are you a family person?
A) Yes, I give lot of respect to my mother and father.I have a beautiful wife and two children.I am very much family type of person.I hate parties and love to be with my family.

Q) What is your message to the readers of our Probollywood News Blog ?
A) Always give respect to your parents. Never forget them and take care of them till the end of your life.