Friday, September 19, 2008


In the age of emails and text messages, there are lot of people in our country who still like to write and read letters the old fashion way.

Shreyas Talpade in Welcome to Sajjanpur plays a very interesting character of Mahadev, who is the only guy in the entire village of Sajjanpur that can read and write. He is the only means of communication that the villagers have. They approach him to write all their personal as well as casual letters, including people's love and hate letters.

Shreyas Talpade enjoyed his role of writing letters in reel life so much that he has actually taken up the habit of writing letters in his real life too.

He now writes sweet notes to his wife whenever he thinks he can wants to communicate something special. Smiles Shreyas Talpade, "I used to love writing letters earlier… but with changing times one has got use to be in touch with people via text messages. I just lost touch of it like many others today, but while playing the role of Mahadev in Welcome to Sajjanpur, my writing skills got revived and now I have re included the habit in my real life too. I now often write letters to my near and dear ones, especially to my wife… whenever, I feel that I can express my feelings better in written words and she does the same at times"