Monday, September 15, 2008


Rajendra Ganotra and Guru Vijay Shankar in conversation with modern Yogi Bharat Thakur.

Bharat Thakur is an internationally renowned spiritual master.He has conducted numerous meditations,workshops,yoga training sessions for groups,individuals,corporate yoga workshops all over the world.He is also the founder of artistic yoga and has opened yoga studios in Delhi,Mumbai,Channai,Bangalore,Moscow and Dubai.At the age of 4,he was taken by his Master Sukhdev Brahmachari to the Himalayas.He stayed with his Master for 16 years over there.Under HIs Master"s guidance,he studied yoga intensively,the various forms of yoga like Hatha Yoga,Ashtanga Yoga,Karma Yoga,Kundalini Yoga and the varios other elements of Pranayama,Asanas and meditation.He also learnt Ayurveda,Tantra and Mantra.He also studied Sufism,Jaiism and Buddism and back from the Himalayas to step into the normal education.He did his graduation and his post graduation in Exercise Physiology and Yoga from the Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education,Gwalior.

1)What is Yoga?

A)Yoga is about uniting and becoming one with the universal consciousness.To unite or merge means that you understood who you really are.It means that you know from deep within you,God and life are separate but one and the same.You are nathing but the same drop from the ocean.Yoga makes sure that every cells in your body becomes aware of this.It takes your body and mind to a blissful state that is unaffected by the chaos and insecurity of life.Yoga is not a theory but an action.

2)Is Yoga a mystery?

A)Yes,It is a mystery.It is an art that mystics have praticed for hundred of years.If one bent the chin at a certain angle it would cause a specific internal change inside the body.A layman should know that when he pratices yoga,he is starting a process of transformation of the body and the mind.Practicing Yoga as a form of exercise without understanding can be dangerous.That is why Yoga must be practiced in the presence of master.

3)What is Artistic Yoga?

A)It is developed by Bharat Thakur and is unique and powerful system of yoga.It affects the body like no other form of exercise.By using yogic techniques like asanas,pranayama,bandhas,kriyas,partner stretches along with cardivascular training,it works on the human body at every level for e.g physical level, where flexibility,strength and endurance are the primary goal to the mental and spiritual levels where awareness of the body,alertness and meditation work closly to bring about a complete transformation.It works especially for a layperson.It is suitable for any person irrespective of age,strength and flexibility.It helps in stress,relief.weight loss,body toning,gastric relief,backache problems and increases energy.

4)What is difference between normal Yoga and artistic Yoga?

A)Normal Yoga makes you work out the entire body and this artistic Yoga helps you to concentrate on a single body part.Here we teach stretching.So that the more a body becomes used to stretching,you will gradually be able to do complex asanas and yogic postures.You will realize that it is something that is natural in the stream of your body.It looks really difficult and you think it is impossible to do all of it.But it"s not so.The stretching is a natural and will not hurt at all.

5)What are modules that can be suited to every needs and situations?

A)There are several modules.They are 1)improving health and physical fitness 2)Stress reduction and management 3)Developing focus and concentration 4)Builing confidence and motivation 5)Enhancing confidence and motivation 6)Decision making 6)Team building and interpersonal relationships 7)Employee welfare and entertainment.8)Conferences and seminars 9)Talks.Modules are custom designed to suit the company"s need and requirements.

Q)What are the various kinds of Yoga?

a)They are Hath Yoga,Karma Yoga,Bhakti Yoga,Nada Yoga,Jnana Yoga ,Kundalini Yoga,Swara Yoga,Raja Yoga,Tantra Yoga,Laya Yoga,Catering Yoga,Kriya yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

7)What is Hatha Yoga?

A)Ha means sun and tha means the moon-the balancing of the sun and moon energy of the body or balancing the male and female energies of the body.

8)What is Kundalini Yoga?

A)It activates the primal energy or divine cosmic energy of the body.The dormant force is located at the base of the spine.When Kundalini is activated it becomes kinectic energy.It acts as a catalyst to bring the individual to yoga.

9)What is Ashtanga Yoga?

A)It is described in the sutras of Patanjali over 2500 years ago.They are eight steps and they are Yama,Niyama,Asanas,Pranamaya Pratyahara,Dharana,Dhyana,Samadhi.

10)What is Swara Yoga?

A)It is the observation of the breath and praticing the breathing exercises.

11)What is Jnana Yoga?

A)It is oriented towards knowledge and intellect.

12)Which book did you wrote?

A)I am the author of the 7 books,Yoga for all,Yoga for stress relief,Yoga for weight loss,Yoga for family,Yoga for flat abs,Yoga for backache relief and a collection of poetry "Truth:The art of Mystics"

13)Which are three schools of Yoga and in which are you speacial?

A)There are three schools of yoga-the traditional school of yoga,the cultural school of yoga and artistic yoga.I pratice and teach artistic yoga.

14)What is Meditation?

A)If a person stops thinking and the mind is in relax position that means he is meditating.But Meditation is possible only after he is done asnas and pranamya.After meditation one feels very relax and all the toxins from his mind is out of his body.But he has to continue this pratice always.

15)What is anger?

A)Anger is deep -rooted problem faced by every human being on this planet.It is nothing but energy which is unable to flow in the right direction.This blocked,restricted,supressed energy finds unnatural ways of venting itself and this creates violent and ugly stituations in life.I consider it to be a disease as most of us live with tremondous frustration.Imagine your natural energy is put into a pressure cooker.Someday it will explode.To avoid this eiter keep this energy releasing little by little and do not put it in a pressure cooker in the first place.Asanas.Pranamaya and Meditation controls anger and one is in a good health.

16)What are your future plans?

A) I am starting chain of spiritual malls.In these days of spirituality I have come up with a unique concept – a spiritual malls. It will be a one stop for everything related to spiritual and physical well being.There will be tarrot reader,best numerologist,best astrologers,best health diet,and etc all under one roof.There will be 20 different types of massages ranging from Thai massage to Herbal massage and evan Ayurvedic massage.You will find a sportswearline,various malas,beeds and spiritual jewellery.