Thursday, September 18, 2008


What relation can Prity’s tattoo have with diabetes to its viewers?

Prity’s tattoo gives diabetes to its viewers! One would think how is it possible that a tattoo on someone’s body can give diabetes to a common man? But we shall tell you about one such incident wherein this has actually happened. The incident is such that Priti had invited some press people at a lokhandwala restaurant for giving an interview. Prity was sitting on one chair and her P.R.O. was sitting on the other side along with the other press people. Prity has recently got a tattoo done on the left side of her lower back. Since she has got the tattoo done, it becomes essential to reveal it to all. Along with the tattoo, her glamorous perfect figure is also revealed. Prity was wearing an equally appealing outfit but by now the press reporters are used to such glamorous outfits of such beautiful heroines, so they were busy doing her interview without any distraction. But her PRO had kept very alert through out the interview and had sensed the situation well. After the interview got over her PRO, Mr Ashok Bhatia, asked her to leave the place at once. Prity was surprised by this and asked him as to why was he asking her to leave quickly. He explained to her that by sitting there she would not lose anything but the poor guy sitting on the table behind hers might die of diabetes. Prity was shocked on listening to this. Mr. Bhatia further explained that her tattoo on her lower back was so attractive that the man sitting behind kept looking at it and had consumed not less than 10 cups of tea. Too much of tea might kill him of diabetes. Thus Prity understood what her PRO was saying. With the intention of showing her tattoo, she also showed her lower back too much which made a common man keep looking at her.

Now one has to wait and watch the glam doll of the films ‘Ladies Tailor’ and ‘Jani Dushman’ in her yet another upcoming glam films like ‘Golmal Return’, ‘Ek- The power of one’, ‘ Khalbali hai khalbali’ and ‘Vikalp’. With films like this for Priti now there is no looking back. We wish her all the very best for her career but request her to see to it that a common man does not get diabetes because of her.