Friday, September 19, 2008


Rahul Singh is a young smart, muscular dude and wonderful disco dancer from Punjab(Patiala) who feels that he is made for the world of showbiz. Rahul is a head strong guy who believes in complete involvement with his profession.Rahul started his career as a photographer and assisted the cameraman too.Much to his delight Rahul was picked up by seniors and told that since he has the looks of the actor he should be in the limelight facing the camera and not working behind the camera.He did acting course from “Creating Character” (Vidhur Sir) for 6 months.

Rahul Singh says “Portraying normal characters like a mad man is not difficult because I know as to how mad man behaves or acts but on the contrary if I have to play the role of psycho character is not easy as there will be different shades of character analysis which can be expressed only through proper observations. Hence I like to play characters that are intense with emotions."

Rahul did ads for Dinesh Suitings, DTC Diamond, Reliance , Tata Motors and IPF with Hrithik Roshan. He already started his career by doing a short film “The other side”. He prefers to do the role of young angry man in Hindi films.

Rahul Singh can be contacted on 9920404856.