Thursday, September 18, 2008


A creative and human movie, a non-political film about a poltical person. Not a documentary yet an authentic interpretation of history and a prominent leader and player brought to you by the man who made " Nehru".

This is not just a movie, but a committed campaign, to create a value based dramatic work, with glimpses of history. The life and times of Sonia Gandhi, a reluctant politician, who grew into a political flame with a burning mission.

The Movie is a moving portrait of a extraordinary person and an important phase of Indian history. The film is an attempt to neither deify nor vilify, but a human and creative interpretation of an important political leader with definite stamp in this phase of Indian History.

A film with unforgettable human vignettes of the most high profile political family of India family scenes with Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi and others with Sonia Gandhi as a "foreign bahu". This movie has no Bollywood stars but its very theme is a Indian and International firmament.

Sonia marches ahead, unstoppable and triumphant and is ready for release after clearing all hurdles including censor.

This movie project has passed through many trials and tribulations and a two years struggle to release and launch after censor's clearence. With High Court's upholding the fundamental rights of expression to create a work of art and commerce. which may even be critical, but not defamatory or a misrepresentation.

The heroine is played by Purva Parag- a brilliant artist, trained in NSD. The film brings out her personal struggle and public activisation. She is a medical student about to be thrown out by mercenary and costly medical education system, as she is not able to pay a part of the exorbitant fees though she is bright academically. The hero is played by Nicky Tiwari a Model- Actor. The film is shot in Hindi and English separately Fuji Colour 35mm. It has three songs and one beautiful oddissi dance on a composition of Raag Desh.

Indira Gandhi is played by Asha Sharma and Rajiv Gandhi played by Sameer Ali. Mrs. Anuradha Muralidhar, a writer and journalist is in the writing and research team. The writer and director of the movie is T.D. Kumar ( "Kumar Kiran")