Sunday, September 21, 2008


Neelam Mehra "The Bindaas Chori" and Kishori "The Shridevi"

On Monday 22nd sept on the set of Swastik picture's Saas vs. Bahu, we had a firework for performances from the saas's side.

Neelam Mehra gave a blast of a performance. Her performance was so spicy that the judges acknowledge her as "MIRCHI" through out their conversation. Aruna was very impressed by her expression and her presentation. She remembers Neelam as a BINDAAS girl and acknowledges the fact that even though Neelam was never a very good dancer, today what she is doing after so many years is simply amazing. Neelam Mehra is in tears when she hears so many praises about her. The whole Saas clan is proud of her and comes on stage to cheer her. Aruna taunts the bahus that's their Saas' are performing better than them! The element of fun enters the show when karan points out if some day this stage breaks Neelam would be the person responsible! After seeing the performances from the saasuma side Karan teasingly says "chalo ladki na sahi, sassu ma hi sahi" on which Neelam tries to pull his leg by saying "mujhe laga ladki na sahi to ladka sahi!"

Next on the line for the super duper rocking performance was Kishori. After seeing kishori perform, Aruna wonders were does all the energy in Saas come from. She did some amazing movement with the police had which impressed longi. To all this how can Karan be quite he too praises her energy in performance by saying she should be a Bahu since she performed better than all the bahus here. Kishori dedicates all her performances to Shridevi. She tells about, how she used to watch the picturisation of all the songs and learnt a lot from Shridevi's dancing. She is a huge fan of Shridevi. When all bahus were quite and silent seeing the fire show given by their Saas, Neelam sings the song "'chup chup baithe ho..." for them!