Thursday, September 18, 2008


Times Music 'celebrates' Utsav Lal...

All of 16 years of age, Utsav Lal, one of India's Youngest Concert Pianists, has acquired International acclaim with rave reviews for his renditions of Classical Ragas on Piano at over 60 Piano Concerts at prestigious venues in India and abroad. Based in Dublin, Ireland, he has already featured in the Indian Limca Book of Records 2007, enthralling audiences with his unique piano playing style and exceptional musical genius.

A trained Jazz Pianist and a certified Western Classical Pianist from Trinity School of Music, London, Utsav drew his inspirations at an early age from Indian Classical Music, breaking traditional barriers to be one of the first Indian Musicians to draw on the " Power of Ragas on the Piano."

Times Music presents Utsav Lal's debut album " Piano Moods of Indian Ragas" which is bound to work its magic on each one of you. Through his unique style and mesmerizing music, you better be prepared to become his newest fan!