Friday, October 17, 2008


Qamaal Mustafa Sikander, Editor of PRO BOLLYWOOD NEWS BLOG with Mr.Anil Nagrath, senior actor, mostly seen as a Judge in Hindi films courtroom dramas
Anil Nagrath is the actor whom you see in every other courtroom drama in Hindi Bollywood films. I had a short chat with him on this topic when I met him at the music release of Vinay Pathak's Dasvidaniya. When I asked him, would he have liked if he had an opportunity to work in the films of B.R.Chopra and other legendary film makers who made courtroom dramas, to which he said "Aapka sawaal hi bogus hain. Agar main us zamaane mein bhi hota to wahi kahta jo aaj kahta hu, 'Order Order, Silence Please' ".

I reminded him about B.R.Chopra's Kanoon and other courtroom drama movies where the judges didn't just say "Order Order" but gave socially relevant messages to people before giving their verdict.

Talking about Dasvidaniya, he said, he would rather not say Dasvidaniya to the viewers but say welcome to them. Here's what he had to say :

"Tamaam gawaho ki daleelein sunne ke baad Adalat ye hukm deti hain ki is film ko theatres mein jaakar dekhe aur tamaam piracy karne walo ko jald se jald pakad ke qaid-e-bamushakkat ki saza di jaaye".