Friday, October 24, 2008


Young crooner Sippy Gill, who hails from the soils of Punjab has made a come-back with T-Series' new music album "Bachelor". Sippy Gill was first seen in his debut album "Jhumka" in 2005. "Bachelor" is a collection of nine tracks of folk songs which are truly Indian by heart and target the youth. He has also written the lyrics for some of the tracks. Says an elated Sippy Gill, 'Music is my passion and I had always wanted to convert this passion into a professional career and I am grateful to T-series for giving me this wonderful opportunity." He has learnt music from Guru Surinder Dhir Ji from Moga in Punjab in 1999. Apart from music Sippy also has an interest in playing soccer. His favorite singer is Sukhwinder Bablu, whom he looks upto as his inspiration and icon. Sippy Gill's is currently staying in Punjab albeit his family is away in Canada, as he wishes to pursue his career in music and singing. His dream came true through the album "Jhumka". Now it's T-Series' "Bachelor" which has given him the big break.