Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Parde mein rahne do parda naa uthao
Parda jo utha gaya to bhed khul jaayega
Allah meri toba wallah meri toba

Blessed with large expressive eyes, Madhumeeta realized that she could become an actress after she was selected by Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj and was ranked among the best nine from contestants all over india.

Madhumeeta is anxiously looking forward to become professional actress. Rajendra Ganotra talks to her on her future plans.

Q) What was your initial reactions when you were selected by zee cine star ki khoj?
A) I was happy to be selected as i never realized that i would be shortlisted from contestants all over India.

Q) What did you learn from experience with this talent hunt contests?
A) I learnt a lot as far as acting is concerned pertaining to personality development and dialogue delievery. We were trained by shree anupam kher acting academy. I feel quite previledge to be trained by such a reputed academy.

Q) Tell us something about your modelling days?
A) I have done modellings for Singapore airlines, promos for Sahara TV, Women’s Era, Meri Saheli, Gini suitings and also done Punjabi music video albums.
Q) It has been repeatedly proved that models can’t be good actors. ? Your comment?
A) Models can be good actors although people think otherwise. Fortunately for me i have been trained in acting, hence I feel models can be good actors.

Q) Do you believe in exposure?
A) it depends on the character that i am trying to project.

Q) What makes you happy in life?
A) Basically I am quite a happy person and I find happiness in everything I do. I find happiness in small things also.

Q) What was the reactions of your parents when you were joining bollywood?
A) My parents are quite supportive and since they live in Pune we meet quite regularly.

Q) If you were to be reincarnated what would you like to be reincarnated?
A) A puppy.

Q) If there was one question you could ask god, what would it be?
A) No auditions please.

Q) Do you believe you are guided and protected by a superior force ?
A) i believe in Reiki power and am protected by Reiki power all the time.