Wednesday, October 15, 2008


While shooting for a film some moments remain with you etched forever as it happened with Sammir Dattani.

The actor said, "My producer Sudhish Rambhotla was so happy with the way I slipped into my character of a spy that he always kept saying that he'd credit my nameas Mukhbir Sammir in the title lines of the film. I did not take Sudhish seriously. I thought it to be a joke till I watched the finalprint at Eros. The credit actually read as Mukhbir Sammir. I stood dumbfounded. At the same time I was happy too. It gave me assurance that I had done an impressive job as an actor for the producer to keep his word."Sammir hopes that Mukhbir turns a brand. "So that I can keep doing the sequels playing Mukhbir the spy," he laughs.