Thursday, October 23, 2008


October 20, 2008, Mumbai: Within a week of successfully launching its new menu at Bandra, Olive Bar & Kitchen – Mahalaxmi launched its own exclusive new gourmet menu.

What was planned as simply an epicurean soiree for all of SOBO’s gourmands and sommeliers turned out a tad different.

At 10pm, a few guests began to trickle in. Aditya and Divya Hitkari being among the first few who entered, posed for a few photos, did a quick round and as quickly as they came in, did they make a quiet exit. Turns out the inseparable couple was party hopping last night.

Till about 11:00pm, the evening seemed to be flowing along as we had imagined with food connoisseurs like Simone and Fahad Samar getting started on Chef Max’s exclusive new menu. AD and Sabina, played perfect hosts welcoming almost everyone who made their way down the sandy pathway.

11:30pm saw a dramatic turn when the door swung open and a host of models, designers and the crème of the city waltzed into Olive. It marked the beginning of the 5 crazy party days which make Fashion Week.

Guests at the soiree included models Nina Manuel, Indrani DasGupta, Diandra Soares, Nethra Raghraman among several other new young hip faces we caught.

Olive Regulars- Ash Chandler, Sameer and Palak Seth, Raja Dhody, Zeba and Rajesh Kohli lounged around enjoying their drinks.

Farah Khan, Bindu Dara Singh, Aashish Raheja, Rajiv Samant, Nisha Jamwal, Seema Mehrotra, Sabina and Anil Chopra were also among the revellers making merry at this epicurean extravaganza.

What a complete twist of an evening, the affair turned out to be fun, very animated and very fashionable.