Sunday, January 18, 2009


Veteran actor Anil Nagrath invited his friends from Bollywood, members of IMPPPA & FMC to celebrate his completion of 25 years in Hindi film world. You could be forgiven if you thought of the event as a General Body Meeting of IMPPPA / FMC because most of the members attended this event. The PRO for the event was another veteran Mr.Raju Karia who has been working as a PRO for Bollywood films and personalities since long time. I have personally worked with him during the making of Dimppy Sabharwal's Numbri Aadmi in 1990. Here are a few photographs taken at the event. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Nagrath said that he had come to Bombay to become a Producer but somehow he started getting acting assignments and since then he never looked back but it was his foremost desire to make a film. He made announcement of a new film HUM KISI SE KUM NAHI which will be made on famous women who have shown to the world that women can excel in any given field. The film will be made in association with Yescube Infrastructure Ltd.

One important thing that I realised later was that the event was attended by Raza Murad and Tej Sapru. Now Anilji has been doing roles of Judge in every other Hindi movie whereas late actor Murad, father of Raza Murad and Sapru, father of Tej Sapru have also done lot of movies as Judge in Hindi film. I should have taken this photo opportunity to click a few picture of Tej Sapru and Raza Murad with Anil Nagrath. Anyway, hope some other photographer has taken it and sends it to me.

Qamaal Mustafa Sikander