Friday, January 23, 2009


Just like how media plays a major role in our day-today-day life, in the same way it plays an important role in our film. The hero of our film named "Raja" out of frustration leaves his family and comes to Mumbai in search of a job as well as Shekhar his friend. In his village, his father is a farmer by profession,who loves him a lot. A girl named " Neha" is also madly in love with him. Raja finds his friend in Mumbai Shekhar doing the job of a Watchman. Shekhar offers the same job to Raja refuses this offer because he has big dreams and wants to fulfill them. He meets a girl in Mumbai named " Sonia", who is the heroine of our film. Sonia is working for a man named " Baba Bahadur" who deals in drugs. Sonia has a brother who is dumb. Finally Raja realises that the whole political system is corrupt, he starts killing all the villains one by one. Media gets in search of this hidden men who is killing people. Finally Raja takes Sonia and gets back to his village.