Sunday, February 1, 2009


Reel india pictures presents writer /director and script guru Krishna Shah's (Jury member for the Oscars and an international seminar leader and founder member of IIFW ) in association with IIFW'S "Storytelling Workshop" An interactive module on "The Art of Pitching and Goal Setting" The time Was 2:00 pm - 6:30pm for the workshop at Blue Frog. JUDGES ADITYA BHATTA CHARYA /SANJAY CHHEL /RAJAN KHOSA.

The evening started with film ethusiasts /students /fraternity members thronging for the session. It was a well attended affair. There were interactions/ laughter / questions /mock story picthing sessions which all enjoyed with meditation. Arya Babbar also particpated as a producer in the workshop in one segment and his was the best pitch as a Producer. It was a great workshop and all had a party.
About the Seminar
The art of pitching and goal setting are at the base of any human intercourse. Krishna Shah has created a new module as part of his storytelling workshop. “The art of pitching and goal setting”.
Indian Independent Filmmakers Worldwide (IIFW) is very proud to present a workshop entitled “Grab the Future 2009” on Saturday, January 31st. at Blue Frog Night Club in Mumbai. It’s a 4 1/2 hour workshop starting at 2PM.

Pitching is the core of any story. Better the pitch, better the script. Better the pitch, better the deal. Great scripts are wrapped in simple pitches. Top writers in Hollywood know that too well. He will also teach you a “two minute pitch”, “five minute pitch”, dos and don’t of a full narration. Improve presentation, reduce stress, defuse fear .You will role play the producer and the writer. And you will switch roles. And how to kill that fear when you face the Producer or the Corporate Honcho or TV Programmer or anyone in the authority.

Creativity and goal are always at conflict with each other. Great artists know its synthesis. They work on both levels and transcend them. In these a few short hours, you will design a dynamic vision that propels them into action immediately and impacts the results you will achieve during the year.

Krishna Shah is a writer/director of eight Hollywood/Bollywood movies and 3 off Broadway/Broadway plays. He is an internationally acclaimed seminar leader on story telling. He is a jury member for the Oscars.

This workshop is not only for the members for IIFW or FWA but also for the people in the media. Producers, actors, playwrights, TV executives. Copywriter. AD executives, Art directors. Even the friends and colleagues in other professions are welcome. After the workshop, there shall be cocktails/snacks and Networking.

Please contact Swati Singh at IIFW (+91 9833723198) for the fees, reservations and other details. The seats are limited. First come first serve.

About Krishna Shah
Born in India, a graduate of Yale and UCLA film school, Krishna Shah is the first Asian-American writer/director/producer who has won critical acclaim on Broadway and in Hollywood.
On Broadway, Shah directed and co-authored, with Alan Paton, a South African play SPONONO, and on off-Broadway he adapted and directed Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore's THE KING OF THE DARK CHAMBER which ran for a year and received 2 OBIES award. On off-Broadway, he produced and adapted Kalidasa's SHAKUNTALA at St. Marks Theatre, which ran for two months and directed 2nd company of Athol Fugard's BLOODKNOT for Lucille Lortel, which ran for six months. He has also directed Milton Hood Ward's KINDLY MONKIES at New Arts Theatre in London.
In Hollywood, Shah's feature length screenplays include "ISLAND IN HARLEM" for MGM, "APRIL MORNING" for Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., and "RIVALS" that he produced and directed for Avco starring Joan Hackett and Robert Klein. "RIVALS" is considered a classic psychiatric film. Shah wrote and/or directed several television shows such as THE MAN FROM UNCLE, LOVE AMERICAN STYLE, AND AND AND SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

Shah's "RIVER NIGER" starring Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones and Lou Gossset Jr. garnered many awards, including Best Direction at the Virgin Island International Film Festival and Golden Globe nomination. He wrote and directed "SHALIMAR", starring Rex Harrison, Silvia Miles and John Saxon, and co-wrote and directed "CINEMA CINEMA", (Director's Fortnight at Cannes). He also co-wrote, directed and produced "AMERICAN DRIVE IN" released by Vestron and "HARD ROCK ZOMBIES", a cult classic released by Cannon.

In the last few years, Shah has been involved with films dealing with India. His presentation of Harish Saluja's THE JOURNEY won the most popular film award at Florida Film Festival and his presentation of Nagesh Kukunoor's HYDRABAD BLUES became one of the largest grossing independent films in India.

Shah recently sold a script on TAJ MAHAL, for a price of half million dollars.(2 crore rupees) to Micheal Simpson in Hollywood. Micheal Radford, academy award winner (Il Posito) will direct the film. The picture will be shot in India with a major international cast.

THE PRINCE OF LIGHT, a 12 million-dollar animation film that he co-wrote and produced is scheduled for a US release this December by Eros International with 300 prints. The work-in-progress was an entry at Cardiff Animation Festival; Montreal Film Festival and it premiered the Lucca Animation Film Festival, Italy in 2000. It won the BEST ANIMATION FILM OF THE YEAR: 2001 award at Santa Clarita International Family Film Festival, and was one of the nine contenders for the OSCAR 2002 in the feature animation category.

Shah has an incredible track record as an entrepreneur in Hollywood. As a President and CEO of Double Helix Films, a public company, and then Carnegie Film Group, Shah brought in professionalism and gave the company an aggressive stance in the industry. Between the years 1884 and 1990, under his supervision, the company developed and produced several films: "KISS DADDY GOODNIGHT" (Uma Thurman's first film), "WARRIORS" (William Shatner and Michael Pare), "Cease Fire" (Don Johnson), "MATEWAN", (James Earl Jones) "MOB STORY" (Margo Kidder)" and all time horror cult favorites, "SLEEPAWAY CAMP II AND III.
As the President of his own company, MRI, INC a full fledged foreign sales company, he handled/produced many films, such as "INTRODUCING JANET" (Jim Carey's first film), "OMEGA COP I AND II" ( David Carradine and Adam West), "CHINATOWN CONNECTION" (Bruce Li and Lee Majors), "DUST TO DUST" (Willie Nelson and Robert Vaughn), "LITTLE NOISES" (Tatum O'Neil), "FUN" (Prize winner at Sundance), etc Shah is a well know seminar leader on STORYTELLING internationally. ( and also a jury member for the Oscars.

Shah is a member of the Director's branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences and he has served as an assistant secretary to Directors Guild of America and also served as an alternate co-chair of Asian-American Committee of Directors Guild of America. Shah is also the organizer/founder of a powerful support and lobby group called IAM, consisting of the media professionals from India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
For further information about the Seminar and Mr. Krishna Shah, please contact
Parul Chawla - Picture & Kraft - 9833577407.