Thursday, January 15, 2009


Shubh and Hrishitaa Bhatt
Shubh, the lead actor of Aasma, injured his shoulder recently while shooting for a promotional video. After hearing the news, his co-actress and close friend Hrishitaa Bhatt has been dedicating a lot of time to shubh, to make sure he is fine. She has been constantly messaging him to take rest, and avoid exertion, and she also brings him his favourite chocolates, whenever she comes to see him.

Apparently they are seen together in cafe's and restaurants and keep on hanging together. What is the question is that is there some genuine attachment or a part of the promotional campaign.

What ever it is, one thing is for sure is that in testing times like these, true friends like these are rare to find. What is the question here is that, how far is the heart from the shoulder… Let's wait for the updates