Thursday, January 15, 2009


Director Salim Arif, Bolywood singers Talat Aziz and Sonu Nigam
Bollywood singers Hariharan and Peenaz Masani

Caravan-E-Ghazal by Talat Aziz

Mumbai, January 13, 2009: Saregama India Ltd, India’s foremost music company launched its new album “Caravan-E-Ghazal” at St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai.

The event was attended by an august gathering of eminent artistes, journalists and dignitaries.

Speaking at the launch of his album Talat Aziz said “This album is a culmination of a lot of love and hard work. I have tried to keep the compositions traditional keeping the great poets of urdu and their poetry in mind, yet embellished the music with contemporary treatment. I was greatly helped in this by Jeetu Shankar who has arranged the music. And the highlight is the ghazal Sonu Niigaam has sung with me adding a new dimension to this album. I pray that everyone who listens to it likes it and hope that apart from the traditional lovers of the ghazal we manage to rope in new listeners to this CARAVAN .”

Sonu Niigaam, who has partnered with Talat Aziz for one of the tracks in the album shared his experience while recording the album and said, “I always wanted to sing ghazals, and ever since I got to know Talatji, it’s been my privilage to work with him.”

Atul Churamani, Vice President – Saregama India Limited said “It’s an honour for us to be associated with this project. There is a dire need for music today to have good poetry and “Caravan-E-Ghazal” is the epitome of that. It is the work of nine of the greatest poets set to some memorable music by Talat. The track with Sonu Niigaam ‘Qurbaton Mein Bhi…’ is the icing on the cake.”

Caravan-E-Ghazal is an anthology of Ghazals, which weaves together a selection from master poets of the Urdu language. An insightful selection, it puts in perspective the evolution of this extremely popular form for our contemporary audiences/listeners. The compositions and music has embellished this unique album with a rare ability to relate with the uninitiated new enthusiasts of Ghazal listeners as well as provide the connoisseur of Urdu poetry with a modern musical interpretation of the great Masters.

Talat Aziz has specially composed these ghazals in a way that transports the listeners into a melodious world. Each Ghazal in this album is introduced with a recitation in verse by Salim Arif, a well known theatre personality, which also introduces the poet and his concerns as prelude to each poetic piece. The evening left all present asking for more as Talat Aziz entertained the guests with his soulful singing.
About Saregama: Saregama India Ltd, formerly known as ’The Gramophone Company of India Ltd., is a professionally managed entertainment company listed on the NSE and BSE. It is rapidly transforming into an entertainment company from being India’s largest and best-known music company with a library of over 300000 tracks & 25000 hours of the best South Asian music.The Company has been intimately associated with the development of Indian music from the time the first recording was made on Indian soil. Saregama owns the largest music archives in India, one of the biggest in the world.
It is now an emerging player in quality cinema, TV software, radio content,events and digital exploitation.

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