Saturday, May 16, 2009


Synopsis of Dekh Bhai Dekh
An apparent comedy with a tinge of simmering darkness with living legend comedian Asrani, famous comedian actor Raghubeer Yadav & Vijay Raaz.

A story set in a small town about 4 people with individual pursuits of happiness, ambition and desires coupled with a baggage of personal problems. The only apparent solution, as per their interpretation to rid them of all the woes is a Crime. Babli (Gracy Singh), a sweet yet ingenious and blunt girl, who has come through a disaster of a failed marriage, needs money to rise back to her feet. For this purpose, she gleans people around her with similar needs. She manages to talk Shyam (Siddharth Koirala) into her sinister plan. Shyam is a simple boy with a need for money to bribe a minister in order to get a job. Yadav ji, the politician aspiring to become an MLA, needs money in order to get a ticket to contest the elections. All three of them set out to commit the crime but apprehension holds them back since they are novices. To involve a hand adept at such crimes, they engage Charan (Vijay Raaz), who pretends to be a professional thief. Thus begins their enticing, roller-coaster journey with various interesting and hilarious situations. Will they succeed in their ambitions? Will they end up kings or paupers? How will the story unfold... Dekh Bhai Dekh!!!

Character sketches:-
Gracy Singh as Babli
- A small town girl- sweet yet sour. Clever at contriving situations and has her own way in dealing with each of those. There is no difference in her innocence and aggression. The master planner for the sinister plan!

Shyam- The young, educated but demoralised guy. He needs money and joins Babli, his childhood friend. But the question is how a guy, who has never stolen even a penny from his father’s pocket, will commit such a crime?
Yadavji- The struggling politician. Also frustrated with family issues. The party won’t give him a ticket to contest elections unless he pays a good amount for the party fund.
Charan- A funny, cheap yet clever professional thief who pretends to be the most stylish among the four of them. He joins the gang of three stooges and graph of humour starts rising with his entry…

Search Film’s Production is one of the ventures of SEARCH GROUP.
It is a growing group, currently engaged in various projects such as education in Science and Technology, processing of natural food items etc. It is also associated with a number of developmental and social welfare activities.

SEARCH GROUP was founded by Dr. Vivek Sudarshan and Er. Ashok Chauhan.

Dr. Vivek Sudarshan is a Science Communicator par excellence and has been associated with Science Communication since the past ten years. He was chosen as one of the child scientists in 1993 for his science based community project.

Er. Ashok Chauhan, one of the founders of the Search Group, is a Computer Engineer by profession and has nurtured a great interest in cultural, media and entertainment activities since his college days.

SEARCH FILM’S PRODUCTION, established around a year back, is a registered production house. Since then it has been working continuously under the banner of SEARCH for quality productions. It is equipped with modern infrastructure to undertake all formats of media content including television software, commercials and feature films. Also, it proudly boasts of having a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals working with zestfully for the group.
About a year back, the SEARCH Film’s Production decided to sow a seed as their first step towards film-making as a process which has now sprouted into their first feature film - DEKH BHAI DEKH.

Mr. Rahat Kazmi, the director of the film, with a focused vision, is an enthusiastic and imaginative young gun onboard the Search Film’s Production. Since his adolescence, he had envisioned a dream to become a director. He came to Mumbai with a vision to prove his mettle. His armour was his discipline of pursuing his passion and patience. His dream came true under the aegis of the dedicated team of SEARCH FILM’S PRODUCTION.

Gracy Singh ……………………… Babli
Siddharth Koirala ………………… Shyam
Vijay Raaz ……………………… Charan
Raghuveer Yadav ………………… Yadav
Asrani ……………………………… Lala
Veerendra Saxena ………………… Pooran

Producers Dr. Vivek Sudershan & Engineer Ashok Chauhan
Director Rahat Kazmi
Cinemetography Akashdeep
Project Disigner P. Montu Mohapatra
Editor Rajendra K. Mahapatra
Executive Producers Mujeeb-ul-hasan & Mushahid Husain Pasha
Executive Producers Asmita Dhuldhoye (Post Production)
Dialouge Mushahid Husain Pasha
Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurti, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Richa Sharma, Javed Ali, Raja Hasan, Shahzaad, Shahdaab Bhartiya
Music Shahdaab Bhartiya, Nayab Raja, Abuzar, Premanand
Lyrics Rashid Firozabadi, Sanjay Mishra & Dr. Mouazzam Azm
Director of Sound Subhash Sahoo

PRO : Himanshu Jhunjhunwala (Dwapar Promoters), Bombay (now Mumbai), India.