Sunday, May 24, 2009


Pukarta chala hu main.... famous yesteryear actor/filmstar BISWAJEET of Bees Saal Baad, Kohra & Mere Sanam, Kismet, Main Sundar Hoon, Do Kaliyan, Nai Roshni, Night in London, Vaasna, Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi fame introduced his daughter SHAMBHAVI BISWAJEET in a Hindi feature film SORRY MADAM MAAF KARO. Shambhavi has already been introduced by Biswajeet in a Bengali film ADORINI when she was only 15 years old. The film, a runaway hit, also starred her elder brother PRASONJIT, who is a superstar in Bengali cinema. Once again, Shambhavi got her second chance to act as a spoilt-brat in her father's home production SORRY MADAM MAAF KARO. The film also stars Paintal, Dinesh Hingoo, Upasna Singh, Ranjeet Jog, Rajesh Kapoor and Nirmal among others. The eagerly awaited film is being slated for release shortly. Shambhavi's already signed another film with Director Arita Singh fro movie APNI YAARI JAAN SE PYARI.

Synopsis of Sorry Madam Maaf Karo :

The film begins with a 'WILL' drawn by Richa's father before his death, when she was a minor. She only comes to kno after becoming a major that a pecular condition of the 'WILL' may deprive her by owning any asset by birth if she doesn't marry the candidate already chosen by her father. But the sub-clause of the said 'WILL' also maintains that divorce either for the fault or groom or for completion of one year may neutralise the mandatory condition of the 'WILL'. In that circumstances, she may enjoy the properties in future. Her uncle and Munimji 'Baanke Bihari' (Paintal) ultimately discovers Raju, the candidate as per 'WILL', in a jail. He agrees to marry her against Rs.10 Lac only. Accordingly, first instalment is paid before marriage and the balance is to be paid after one year at the time of his signature on mutual divorce papers. But simultaneously Raju is found and denies to sign the paper in order to enjoy her properties. The real candidate Rajesh for the marriage as per 'WILL' is surprisingly discovered later by Richa and surrenders him for supporting her and get rid of Raju the fraud. Rajesh then plans out with her and instructs Munimji to do as per his plan. Meanwhile, a child (Master Aman)is found in the park and claims Raju as his father, which ultimately restrains him and retains marital relationship with Richa and his dream comes to an end. But he communicates with his friend Bhupen and plans to kill the child to wipe out such dangerous evidence which could harm the marital relationship with Richa.

What happens next... check

Cast : Sambhavi as Richa, Ranjeet Jog as Raju, Rajesh Kapoor as Manoj, Master Aman as Chickoo (Atom Bomb), Upasna Singh as Munimji's wife, Paintal as Munimji, Viju Khote as Cook, Dinesh Hingoo as Richa's uncle and Nirmal as Bhupi.

PRO : Mohan Iyer
Pics : Bhanwer Mali & Ravi Mali
Actress Sambhavi
Actress Sambhavi daughter of actor Biswajeet at SORRY MADAM press meet Actor Biswajeet at his daughter Sambhavi's film SORRY MADAM's press meetLegendary actor Biswajeet introduces Sambhavi in SORRY MADAM MAAF KARO Legendary actor Biswajeet addressing mediaMrs. & Mr. ANOOP JALOTA at actress Sambhavi Biswajeet's SORRY MADAM press meet Mrs. Medha Jalota & Anup JalotaQamaal Mustafa Sikander, PRO Mohan Iyer, Biswajeet and Sambhavi