Friday, May 15, 2009


World Negative Rights are available of HIDDEN movie. Attached herewith is the brochure of the movie alongwith synopsis and a video promo.

Cast : Christopher Atkins, Erra Fazira, Ellan Daly, Carlos Shona, Sinha Ro, Farooz, Razeeb, Lim Kung Seng, Shahriza Mahmud, Shawar Ali & Shahzaad.

Synopsis : Relations and emotions have no boundaries. They are not restricted to the living world but prevail beyond too. HIDDEN is a story of such a strong relation between Adam and Dian and the emotions they share. Dian is concerned about her son as he has become silent and has got a wierd habit of hiding. She restricts him from moving away from her after a stranger informs her that enclosed places pose a danger to him. His predictions comes true when Adam goes missing and is nowhere to be found. Everyone is unaware about his death. But the son comes back to his mother longing for her love and avenges every person who hurts her. How far will this strugle continue? Will Dian accept the love of Adam for the cost of other lives? Can love overcome the limits of life and death?

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