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Jaane wale kabhi nahi aate... remember this Mohd. Rafi song from Dil Ek Mandir composed by Shankar Jaikishen? You will agree that there could not have been any other song at the unveiling ceremony of Jaikishen's statue in Bansda. A bronze statue of legendary music director (composer) Jaikishen (of Shankar-Jaikishen fame) was unveiled by veteran music composer Anandjibhai (Kalyanji-Anandji fame) in the presence of Swami Sachidanandji at Bansda (Vansda) in Navsari District of South Gujarat where Jaikishen was born on 4th November, 1929.

Apart from Swamiji & Anandjibhai, the event was attended by many prominent people from the region. Anandjibhai was accompanied by his wife Kantaben. Anandjibhai amused the audience in his patent funny style. When the compere said it was fine if Anandji decided to speak while sitting on his chair, he said that due to his height, it doesn't make a difference whether he was sitting or standing.

Swamiji enjoying an SJ song.

The statue is an initiative by Swami Sachidanand of Gujarat who is a great fan of the legendary composer duo Shankar Jaikishen. Speaking at the event, he said that when he was going through depression, it was only by listening to melodious songs composed by Shankar Jaikishen that he was able to come out of it. When he went abroad, he saw statues of many famous foreign musicians there. He got a desire to make statues of famous musicians of India and decided to make a beginning with the statue of Jaikishen at his native place Bansda as he made the entire Gujarat proud by his achievements. He hoped that this would be just a beginning and people from all over India will make efforts to keep memories alive of legendary artistes. He said he is a great fan of Shankar Jaikishen and their contemporaries whose music is remembered till date and is referred to as the golden period of Hindi film music. He said music united people and also spoke about the famous Bhajan 'Man Tadpat Hari Darshan' which is composed, sung & written all by devout Muslims. He said many of Naushad's songs contained words like 'Rama' and these are some of the best examples of communal harmony that can be seen anywhere. He urged people to take a lesson from these legendary artistes who devoted their life for spreading the message of love and brotherhood through their melodious music. He came to know more about Shankar Jaikishan after reading Gujarati biography by Dr.Padmanabh Joshi of Ahmedabad. Swamiji also remembered many of Shankar Jaikishen's contemporaries like Mehboob Khan who also hailed from neighbouring town of Billimora, Shaqeel Badayuni, Naushad, among others.

Yahoo SJ Group members with Anandjibhai
(Qamaal Mustafa Sikander & Sandeep Apte sitting, Devendra Shastri & Prashant Menon standing)

A few members of the Shankar Jaikishen Yahoo Group led by founder and moderator Sandeep Apte also participated in the unveiling ceremony on behalf of the group. The name of the group was duly announced by Rajnibhai Pandya. The Yahoo! group is highly excited about this event and this topic is one of the highly discussed topic in recent times. A few members felt that Jaikishen is incomplete without Shankar and the statue should be of both Shankar & Jaikishen. On the other side, many in the group also agreed that the town was paying homage to the artiste who made them all proud. Anyway, Shankar was duly remembered and paid homage at the event by all the eminent speakers. The Yahoo! group has more than 500 members from all over the world, many of whom are like living encyclopaedia on the composer duo.

A message in a poem form from singer Sharda was read by famous writer Rajnibhai Pandya. Rajnibhai also said that he received many emails/SMS from his readers that Shankar should also be remembered at this event and he duly conveyed the wish of music lovers to the organisers. He said the august audience consists of some notable names who have done lot of things to keep memories of yesteryear musicians alive. A prominent name was of collector Harish Raghuvanshi. All the gentlemen were honoured on the dais. Many eminent speakers requested the people of Bansda to make sure that the statue is kept in a well maintained pristine condition.
A feast was organised for the entire town of Bansda and everyone who attended the event. The veg. food served was very tasty. Everyone, including yours truly, relished the tasty pakodas, Surti undhiya, puris, daal-rice and butter-milk. The event was also covered by E-TV, Chitralekha (Gujarati magazine), Rajasthan Patrika, among others. It was a very well organised event and it seems the organisers' wanted to convey : 'Tum Bansda Ko Yu Bhula Na Paoge'

Qamaal Mustafa Sikander
Music lover & Editor News Blog

Kantaben & Anandjibhai came from Bombay and arrived in time

Anandjibhai being felicitated at Jaikishen's statue unveiling in Bansda

Anandjibhai honoured by Swami Sachidanandji

Bansda Maharaja honoured by Swamiji

Swamiji & Anandjibhai in front of Jaikishen's statue in Bansda (South Gujarat)

Anandjibhai unveiling Jaikishen's statue in Bansda (Gujarat) by remote control.

Statue maker couple take Swamiji's blessings after being honoured.

Jaikishen, Shankar & Indiraji in a JCI gifted photo.

Famous writer Rajnibhai Pandya & Anandjibhai at Jaikishen statue unveiling programme
in Bansda (Navsari district South Gujarat)

Rajnibhai Pandya being honoured.

Group photo after unveiling of Jaikishen's statue.

Photo op. after statue unveiling.

Sandeep Apte at Jaikishen's statue

Jaikishen's sister being honoured.

Jaikishen's chalk painting by Manish.

Entrance to the ground decorated.

Jaikishen's statue - close-up

Swamiji and others enjoying Anandjibhai's speech.

Dr. Padmanabh Joshi (author of Shankar Jaikishen biography) & Rajnibhai Pandya.

Dr. Padmanabh Joshi felicitated

Owner of Bardoli Sugar factory who wholeheartedly contributed for the cause.

Town of Bansda in Navsari District of South Gujarat - Jaikishen's birthplace
Bansda Maharaja with Anandjibhai.

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