Friday, May 29, 2009


By Vishal Jaiswal, Mumbai :

I have been working in the film industry for past 7 years starting from Jharkhand and recently for last three years in Bollywood, the Hindi film industry in Mumbai. During the course of my working life, I have met and made countless amount of friends with people from all around the country stemming from ground level strugglers to high level film directors, producers and businessmen.

One person, above all, who I first met just over a year ago has caught my eyes. His name is Mr Hirji Patel, an NRI from London, UK.

About Hirji Patel :
Mr.Patel first came to India over 9 years ago with a mission to make India IT savy. A mission which he aimed to achieve – as he also announced to all national press – by driving down laptop prices down to as low as unthinkable Rs 5,000!!!! so that its within reach of even a rickshaw driver child. A very tall task let alone an impossible task for any individual to accomplish I am sure you all will agree!. He even got laughed at by almost all at the press conference. He formed a Company called ACi Limited and marketed the brand ACi with a slogal “Building a Laptop Nation” and immediately broke the first price barrier of Rs50,000 when the others in the market were selling at well over Rs 1 lacs. This histories event was featured via a full page article in THE WEEK magazine entitled “LAPTOP PRICE WAR”. He further went on to break the Rs30,000 in 2004, Rs20,000 in 2006 and Rs15,000 in 2007. He today has a laptop ready to launch at Rs10,000 and is currently working on the Rs5,000 model. When I found that all these historic events he had first told me were backed up with 100s of press articles released over last 9 years together with a 30 minute documentary on Zee business, I raised an obvious question to him. “How did you do this, when others in the country could not?” His answer was simple - “This was what I came to India to do”. He later on went on to tell me that he had a very successful career in UK and gave all that up and came to India to help people of the country build their future. I was still puzzled. It was only when he finally reveiled to me that he was one of the top missile scientist in UK and Europe before he came to India, all this started to make sense to me. His down to earth character and modesty is something to admire and it makes him my best mate and so it should be of all in India.

Why Bollywood?
You may ask why a person like him, a total IT savy person, would meet a person like me. Well the answer is simple. He was switching his heart towards the strugglers of Lokhandwala and was seeking some friends in the film industry to help him survey the industry in order for him to create a unique platform (JALWAH!) to help these people get work fairly and on merit rather than through favors, contacts and connections. Since I first met with him, he met up with many people industry including the famous such as Perri Patel, Farah Khan, Sarwan Kumar and Arjun Rampal. He launched a media Company-cum-Production House called Emerald Digital Media Limited and started to develop a platform in form of a portal called Jalwah!. He also started work on a very unique animation software which till today he has not reveiled and told me that he would do so just before launch. The purpose of this was to create good fund flow for his total Jalwah programme to work in the manner he wants - and that is to help all tallented to get jobs even if it means he has to produce his own films, serials and other products to help give them a break. I have been working on Jalwah! myself and with the wealth of experience I have in the industry, this product is a sure success and will most definately serve Mr Patel’s cause and put an end to the word “struggler”. I have joined the company myself as one of the directors to provide my wealth of experience to help Jalwah and its cause. His diversion to the entertainment industry will most definitely help the industry and its artists in terms of provision of an automated electronic platform whish will save a lot of time and money for both the artists and the production houses across the country. The Company has also planned for free in-house workshop to train and groom its artists together with production of its own Movies, TV serials, Theater shows and Music Albums. The Company has also planned to launch its own acting institutes across the country to help Jalwah artists to become The Artists of the future. All the activities of the Company have been carefully planned for and interlinked so that all talented Jalwah artists are given a fair and proper chance of success. We should all jointly support him in every way we can to ensure successes of his cause for the country and its people. From what he has done successfully achieved so far, he is sure to switch over to many other good things that will help others in the country and the world. Mr Patel is a very down to earth with the immense knowledge and strength to help the suffering portion of the earth’s population without any due consideration for himself. He has told me many things in his life that will make you both cry, be happy and give you immense encouragement in life. Truly a person whose auto-biography is worth writing. I have taken this as my personal project.