Saturday, May 30, 2009


Pic : Jitu Savlani

Sanjay Gupta’s “Pankh” is a story of a young boy who was forced by her mother to act as a girl in the film industry. It’s a very touching story and it’s a break away from a normal commercial film. All the actors have put in a lot of effort for the movie.

Bipasha is a perfectionist, while dubbing for the film Bipasha visited the Aradhna Studio for the recording, the studio seemed like it was jinxed as whenever Bipasha used to go there for dubbing she always had a soar throat and couldn’t record. This happened around 6 times on a row and everyone thought that place was jinxed. Then they shifted the location and decided to record at Qlab and everything went on smoothly and Bipasha recorded it. Bipasha had to visit the studio 7 times to record it and this proves Bipasha is a perfectionist.