Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ajeeb Daasta Hain Ye - Actress Shammi Aunty at STOP movie / film re-release at Cinemax theatre BombayActress Shammi Aunty with Suzanne Bernert and Akhil Mishra at STOP re-releaseActor Harsh Chhaya at STOP movie re-release at Cinemax multiplex cinema in Andheri Bombay

Veteran actress Shammi Aunty was seen at the STOP movie re-release at Cinemax Theatre in Bombay. Actor Om Puri who has played a role in the movie could not make it to the event due to traffic jam. Other prominent personalities who came for the event included actress Himani Shivpuri, Manoj Pahwa & Kiran Janjani, Harsh Chhaya, Akhil Mishra, Suzanne Bernert among others.

About STOP re-release :

With the strike in multiplex, Laxman Bhatia producer of film Stop is releasing his film all over India with maximum prints on 22nd may. He is so confident about his film that he has done the party also for this re-release film. The film was released four years back. Ajai Sinha well known director of serials was very exited with the planning of his producer of releasing this film in recession and strike. Laxman Bhatia and Ajai Sinha were the first to come for the event.They showed the film to the press and guest and then told everybody in party that this film is re releasing.

Tejaswani Kolhapure and Ishita Arun skipped the event saying they were shooting somewhere. They had confiremed the producer and director that they will come for the event. Entire cast of Ajai Sinha's serial came for the party. Avesh Dadlani the new fashion designer of bollywood came from the shoot for the party. Other guests who came were Darshan Dave, Vineet, Barkha Madan, Yogesh Lakhani, Pawan Sharma and Deepak Ruia. The party went till 11.30 pm. Rocky Bhatia hero of the film missed the party as he was in Dubai.