Saturday, May 23, 2009


So just when we started pondering where model/VJ/actress Pooja Misrra had been, a little birdie tells us that the daredevil after the stupendous success of her sexy swimsuit calendar is on a break with her multi-billionare luxury yatch bussiness owning steady boyfriend, Rico. When we quizzed her, she finally accepted "yes we were suppose to be on a flight to Rico's hometown L.A. ,however due to the swine flu fuss we decided to nestle up at my sister's in singapore".... Well we heard a rumour that she got engaged? she replied with a stiff upperlip... "No Comments"...
But our sources tell us all about the romantic ceremony at a Buddhist temple in Singapore on Vesak day...She is quick to retort "Oh we were just celebrating our first anniversary"! We are ready to believe the lovely damsel but the images tell us a different one! Well we will keep a vigilant eye on her ring finger once she is back..... Did I hear someone scream... "The winner gets it all' ! Cheers to true love!

P.S.- Next week more on her trip