Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Singapore, 3rd June, 2009
By Pooja Misrra (VJ/Model/Actress)

Have there been times when you are about to go to sleep ,are in a sleepy,yawning trance which usually is the prelude to restful winks of slumber when you suddenly find yourself amidst an erotic lucid dream,wherein someone is forcibly or very slyly and covertly trying to penetrate your unconscious mind by trying to have sex with you or is giving you a sexual stimuli,so that you get turned on/get excited and usually end up frustrated.

A latest trend with rapists/slime balls and sexually deprived punks is covert hypnosis.It is the art of slyly putting their target in a state where in the target's mind can be controlled.

A lot of crimes have been conducted using hypnosis whether it is heist or robberies over the years.As with hypnosis one has the power to secretly influence people's unconscious minds whenever wanted.

Hypnosis according to the wikepedia is defined as :
Hypnosis is often thought to be a wakeful state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, with diminished peripheral awareness.

And when the craft which is skillfully used by the police to make criminals own up to their crimes in a hypnotic daze as well as psychiatrists to have effective results on their patients to relieve them of their many ailments falls into the wrong hands namely sexual perverts,frustrated sleazeballs who cannot score with a trophy unattainable woman,essentially who is out of their league,a new form of sexual harassment is given birth to.

So next time you catch yourself erotic lucid dreaming ,sniff around and question it! For it maybe a sexually frustrated sleazeball up to the latest crime often hush hushed about and swept under the carpet as a figment of one's imagination!

It probably is an intended effort by an experienced hypnotist at work!So it's about time the police made a note of these Beggars of Sex as well as power hungry control freaks!!!