Monday, June 15, 2009


Can a person shoot just after next day of his broken leg along with the plaster?
Yes! Blind actor Nasser Khan has shown 100% commitment and dedication towards his work. Although he could not walk a single step due to his major fracture in left leg but then also he completed the scheduled shoot by using weel chair. When whole unit was shocked by his injury, it was his will power who convinced his director that he will still shoot tomorrow. I shot him till his nee level and he performed excelently with no pain on his face that I must say, I haven't seen a person like him in my 13 years of carrier said director Rohit Nayyar. Actualy he hurt himself while learning horse riding . He is very dedicated to his work as he didn't want to use any duplicate for shoot. He wanted to do all the stunts himself. He has already done many dangerous stunts in the film without using any duplicate. He worked hard to get fit for the shoot. After recovery of his injury, he again learnt horse riding and went for the shoot in Thailand for his film Shadow The Dark Side Of The Truth which is made under the banner of Great Entertainments, produced by Nasser Khan and Shamshad Alam directed by Rohit Nayyar. Even while shooting a sequence, tracking car came close to his horse to capture the shot and horse got panicked but this daring blind man did not loose his senses and control the horse intelligently and had a narrow escape but then also he gave mind blowing shots fearlessly which astonished the whole crew at Thai Polo Club in Pataya.

What a courageous person he is! People should take lesson from this outstanding, dedicated blind performer. Not only this but, once again Blind actor Nasser Khan gave a thundering shock to the film industry when he started dubbing for his film. We all know that dubbing requires an actor to bring out perfect expression through dialogues, which have to match the lip-sync on screen. All actors look at the shot on the screen to get the dialogues and expression right while dubbing. But this dynamic aggressive intelligent man has done this amazing job by himself perfectly for his film.

All his Co artist and technical crew had suggested to take the professional dubber for his dialogs but once again he convinced his director Rohit Nayyar that I even can do this but It may take some more time as compared to other artist. But he stunned every body by completing his entire dubbing in 6 hours in 2 sittings. Not only this the quality of dubbing was so good that he made other senior artist to work more hard to compete him in the scene. It seems that even sky is not the limit for this outstanding young man.

PRO : Himanshu Jhunjhunwala (Dwapar Promoters)