Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Once again Blind actor Nasser Khan gave a thundering shock to the film industry. Dubbing is the most difficult job for an actor as he has to give all accurate expressions and dialogues along with the perfect lip sync which can only be done by listening pilot (original shoot voice) in one ear, looking at the screen and TCR number along with the dialog sheet. But this dynamic aggressive intelligent man has done this amazing job by himself perfectly for his film Shadow The Dark Side Of The Truth which is being made under the banner of Great Entertainments produced by Nasser Khan and Shamshad Alam. All his Co artist and technical crew had suggested to take the professional dubbing artiste for his dialogues but once again he convinced his director Rohit Nayyar that he can do this but it may take some more time as compared to other artist. But he stunned every body by completing his entire dubbing in 6 hours in 2 sittings. Not only this the quality of dubbing was so good that he made other senior artist to work more hard to compete him in the scene. It seems that even sky is not the limit for this outstanding young man.