Thursday, June 11, 2009


Kishore Kumar, the legendary actor / singer / composer of Hindi films was born on 4th August, 1929 in Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh). His family house Gauri Kunj, very close to the Khandwa railway station, is in a dilapidated condition. He left for Bombay at a very young age. He was cremated in Khandwa after his demise on 13th October, 1987 as per his last wish. The Khandwa Municipality made a Kishore Kumar Smriti Memorial at the ground where he was cremated. The memorial is now in a well maintained condition, however, Kishoreda's house Gauri Kunj stands in a very dilapidated condition. Here are a few photographs of the place I took while returning from my native place Khargone, adjacent West Nimad district of Khandwa.

As per Sitaram who has a small tailoring machine in the compound, the property is locked and people rarely come there. The compound is now given to shops on rent and also used as a godown for these shops.
Gauri Kunj, through these silent pictures, scream to save the legendary house for posterity.

Camaal Mustafa Sikander

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