Saturday, June 13, 2009


Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya is a film about how a bunch of kids with the help of a homeless man- (Mithun Charkraborty), face and overcome all obstacles to save a tree from being razed by a money minded construction giant (Gulshan Grover) and his contractor (Mahesh Manjrekar). It very well raises one of the most important crucial issues of the day- Global warming. Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya is a film that delights, entertains as well as educates its audience. It is important to mention that this film has three national award-winning artists and has won four international awards. The voice of Amitabh Bachchan narrating at the beginning and the end of the film tends to grip you into its meaning right from the first spoken word. Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya drives home a strong message, making you empathize with the situation of our world, causing one to realize that we cannot ignore what is happening to our environment today, not after we are being made aware of the adverse effects it will have. After his strong character in ‘Guru’, Mithun has now embarked upon a completely different character of a homeless man, a role played by him like never before. He executes this is an excellent manner and one can tell that he has taken the role very seriously and played the part up to the mark. His very scary and grumpy appearance surrounded by an atmosphere of danger and mystery cause the kids to call him ‘Raavan’ and be terrified of being next to him, but still curious to know the contents of his bag, the one that never leaves his side.After Karan, the leader of the gang has his first defeat in his encounter with Raavan on handing him the wrong bag containing the chocolate cake instead of the leftover food, there begins a sort of rivalry and war between the kids and Raavan. They constantly try to emerge victorious but most often than not fail.This however soon takes a turn when they start to empathize with Ravaan and how the tree house they had built in order to keep a watch on him and his bag, was his only source of shelter for him in the nights. This changes their opinion about him and a bond between then slowly begins to grow.Some dialogues of the characters in the film are extremely moving and so apt and relevant that you do begin to fit your feet in their shoes. One of these in particular is that or Ram (Ashwin Chitale), the son of a construction woman worker ( Seema Biswas ), so full of the talent of architecture, who is actually the one to build the tree house for the kids, explaining his living situations to Ravaan and Karan. Not a single soul can be left untouched by it.The best thing about Zor Lagaa Ke is that the children in the film behave their age unlike typical filmy kids and their behaviour in this film is definitely relatable The element of comedy beings with the appearance of the contractor Gupta who always attempts to try and the tree, but is always defeated by the kids. He does a fantastic job with his speech and body language. Mr.Bakshi, his boss in crime, also represents the role of societies apathy towards environmental issues today. They however are very soft villains, just greedy businessmen trying to expand their horizons and increase their profits.The music of the film is definitely something that the kids will also enjoy. The songs like ‘Satrangi’, ‘Koi Aaye Koi Jaaye’ and the title song itself ‘Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya’ are filled with fun and enjoyable dance sequences. ‘Ehishas bejan Hain’ by Shaan is extremely emotional and touching. The message of the movie is all the more emphasized through its music thus making it in sync with the plot.While there was always a risk of sounding preachy when films carry a strong message, debutante director Girish Girija Joshi has successfully managed to avoid that by subtly yet strongly incorporating his message through a neatly woven screenplay. One thing is for sure is that it is definitely not a ‘predictable movie’. Most movies we watch now a days already have us guessing the end half an hour into its beginning. ‘Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya’ on the other hand keeps you at the edge of your seat, never knowing what to expect. Its climax is excellent, shocking and very surprisingIts a must watch for the entire family....

Marketing Strategy of Zor Laga Ke Haiya!

Speaking to PRO BOLLYWOOD, Ashwani Shukla, Head Corp Communication, Gemini Motion Pictures, divulged marketing strategy for Zor Lagaa Ke Haiya!

In a time such as these where the Indian movie-goer who once used to spend more than just his weekend at the cinemas is now reduced to totally shunning the big screen leaving behind the producers and their teams in a complete state of dilemma. Indeed the financial crunch has hit every industry across the globe pretty bad and the Indian entertainment industry seems to have taken a deep blow in the spine. The Indian audience has been so pre-occupied with the on-going never ending tale of cricket and reality shows on TV that he has even forgotten how the big screen looks.

“Well, now is the time for a revival “, states Ashwani Shukla , Head of Marketing, Gemini Motion Pictures whose ‘Zor Lagaa ke…Haiya!’ is one of the very first movies to hit the plexes after the ongoing feud between the producers and multiplexes has come to an end. “It’s a good sign for the business in general and we at Gemini Motion Pictures are thrilled that our movie after impressing audiences worldwide and bagging festival awards , reaches home-ground .”

Zor Lagaa ke ….Haiya! a movie made over a small budget will now have to take on giants at the cinemas this weekend. “No doubt we are a smaller film as far as our production budget is concerned and further more the crunch is furthermore felt when many producers push in a budget twice as ours just for the promotion of the film. But a large sum of money at your disposal never guarantees success and with the ongoing scenario its wise not just to work hard but to work smartly”, he quotes.

The film being centralized around a core family target group and having children between 6-12 yrs as a primary target has ensured that they achieve good footfalls when the movie release by registering the movie title into the kids mind and thus attaining a brand status.

The marketing team headed by Mr. Shukla ensured that they had captured the kid and his family through co-related brands and apparels. The team ensured that with brands such as Essel World, Actual Kids (clothing line) , Robin Age , Zapak Kids ,Time Out etc. they weren’t missing out on their target group.

“Well, when you think of brand associations, you think ‘what’s so great? Everyone does it!’ ,but the key lies in identifying a brand fit between your film , its audience segment and the Brand personality and Brand Identity. It wouldn’t be relevant to advertise for a high end cologne in a film primarily oriented towards kids, would it?”

Ashwani also indicates that tie ups are not just a fad and are here to stay and thus a brand and a film can work strategically towards mutual benefits and targeting the consumers.

“All said and done , this weekend is heavily anticipated now for it might just mark a new beginning for Indian cinema and if a simple film such as ours does well it just provides hope for more production houses to go simple and encourage newer creative talent like Girish Joshi, our director”, he reiterates .