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Mrs. & Mr. Gurudas Kamat with Yash Chopra

G.V.Films presents

IMMORTAL MEMORIESAn event to honour legends of Hindi Cinema
24th January, 2009 – J.W.Marriott Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai

G.V.Films in association with Sidhesh Films and Strawberry Events organized IMMORTAL MEMORIES, an event to honour the living legends of Hindi cinema. It was truly a night to remember with a number of legendary and present Hindi film personalities gathered at a single venue, sharing their sweet memories. The thought behind the event was to honour living legends by the current generation of artistes in Hindi cinema. It was overall an excellent programme with a few negligible drawbacks like poor sound and unnecessary orchestra etc. Anyway, these can be excused considering debut event and I am sure it will be taken care next time. From the response of legends and celebrities who attended, it can be surely said that IMMORTAL MEMORIES will surely become a must-attend event in the calendar of Indian film fraternity. It was a personal privilege for me to be associated with this event as Branding partner since I got an opportunity to meet so many living legends of Hindi cinema.

Qamaal Mustafa Sikander


BACKGROUND : Since that historical event in 1896 when Lumiere Brothers demonstrated the art of cinema in Mumbai, the Indian Film Industry today has grown by leaps and bounds. Hundreds of people from different sectors of Film Industry have toiled to make Industry what it is today. The industry enjoys the fruits of hard work of these veterans who are the pillars of the industry. It is the right time to pay them back for their great contribution.

OBJECTIVE : Our objective, rather heartfelt desire is to remember and honor these noble souls. This event is purely a gettogetherof the veterans, where yester year's legends meet today's celebrities and share their memories. As a token of our gratitude to these spirited persons we wish to present Living Legends every year with a commemorative cash gift. This is the beginning and God willing it will never end. As HH Dalai Lama rightly said “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. The list of worthy stars is long but we are short listing a few stalwarts for this years honor.

ABOUT THE EVENT : This was an event to felicitate and honour living legends of Hindi cinema who have given their life in the service of entertaining the masses as well as the classes. We intend to present a precious momento as a token of appreciation towards their contribution to Indian cinema. The event is a celebration of creativity of the veterans and remind them that we have not forgotten their contribution and in fact it is due to their hard work that the Hindi film industry is recognized all over the world. We would continue the tradition once every year. This being introduction year, we are mainly covering Hindi films but eventually we would like to cover the entire Indian film industry. The organizing committee consulted the advisory committee consisting of veterans of Indian cinema who will guide the committee on the course of action. We also intend to invite today's celebrities to honour the living legends.

ABOUT US : Strawberry Events has been established with a vision to organize events with focus on the Indian entertainment industry. The company is promoted by Shri Balagiri of G.V.FILMS LTD. & SIDHESH FILMS PVT. LTD., a reputed film production house. Ashok Shekhar, well known T.V. serial producer and son of veteran film artiste Chandrashekhar, is the CEO of the company.

Kiran Shantaram & Salma Agha
Shroff Brothers (Shringar) with Gurudas Kamat
Chandrasekhar, Kiran V.Shantaram, Aruna Irani & M.V.Balagiri
Chandrasekhar, Annu Malik, Yash Chopra & M.V.Balagiri
Nimmi & Gurudas Kamat
Yogesh & Rajkumar Santoshi
Kiran V.Shantaram & Kader Khan
Johny Lever
Aruna Irani & Govinda
Annu Malik & Ravi
Veeru Devgan & Mrs.Gurudas KamatAsha Parekh & Gurudas Kamat
Gurudas Kamat & M.V.Balagiri
Babubhai Mistry & M.V.BalagiriManoj Kumar & Yash Chopra
Rajshri Parivar & Gurudas Kamat

1. Rajshri Parivar (Film Makers)
2. Shroff Parivar (Film Financers/Distributors
3. Shri Manoj Kumar (Writer/Actor/Film Maker)
4. Ms. Asha Parekh (Actress)
5. Shri Babubhai Mistry (Director/Special Effects)
6. Shri Sachin Bhowmick (Writer)
7. Shri Ravi Sharma (Music Director)
8. V.Shantaram Parivar (Film Makers)
9. Shri P.S.Mishra (Sound Recordist)
10. Shri Shanti Das (Art Director)
11. Shri Veeru Devgan (Action Director)
12. Ms. Nimmi (Actress)
13. Shri Ameen Sayani (Radio Announcer/Broadcaster)
14. Shri Yogesh (Lyricist)
15. Ms. Aruna Irani (Actress)
16. Shri Virendra Verma (Journalist)
(Names not in any particular order)

DIGNITARIES/CELEBRITIES PRESENT1. Shri Gurudas Kamat (Minister of State, IT & Communications, Govt. of India)
2. Shri Yash Chopra (Veteran Film Maker)
3. Shri Lekh Tandon (Veteran Film Maker)
4. Shri Venkatramani & Shri Ganesh (G.V.Films)
5. Shri Dara Singh (Veteran Actor)
6. Shri Chandrasekhar (Veteran Actor)
7. Shri Jagdeep (Veteran Actor)
8. Shammi Aunty (Veteran Actress)
9. Shri Kader Khan (Veteran Writer & Actor)
10. Shri Rajkumar Santoshi (Film Maker)
11. Shri Bijon Das (Art Director)
12. Shri Narendra Singh (Sound Recordist)
13. Shri Govinda (Actor)
14. Shri Raza Murad (Actor)
15. Shri Firoz Khan (Arjun)
16. Dr. Achla Nagar (Writer)
17. Ms. Salma Agha (Singing Star)
18. Shri Annu Malik (Composer)
19. Shri Anil Sharma (Film Maker)
20. Shri Ali Peter John (Journalist)
21. Shri Pradeep Rawat (Actor)
22. Shri Sudhakar Bokade (Film Maker)
23. Shri Ram Mohan (Actor)
24. Lakshmi Rai (Tamil heroine)
25. Shri Johny Lever (Comedian/Actor)
26. Shri Ali Khan (Actor)
27. Smt. & Shri Dr. Ashok Chopra (Actress Priyanka Chopra’s parents)
28. Shri Mukesh Rishi (Actor)
(Names not in any particular order)


Gurudas Kamat :
“I have grown up watching films of these living legends and it is an honour to honour them. This tradition of honouring the legends of not only Hindi cinema but Indian cinema should be a regular affair”

Venkatramani : “We would like to remind the living legends that the film industry has not forgotten their contribution and in fact it is due to their hard work that the Hindi film industry is recognized all over the world”

: “We are indebted to these legends for showing us the way and this event is nothing but a get-together of living legends of Hindi cinema”

Ameen Sayani : “Hindi Film industry unites people from all states and religions. Jai Bollywood, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind”

P.S. Mishra :
“Sound recording should be such that a blind person coming out of a theatre should say, what a film I have seen”
Annu Malik : “It is a great privilege to be present amongst the august gathering of Hindi cine legends. Honouring Ravi Sahab for me is same as honouring my father”

Ashok Shekhar :
“Being son of veteran actor Chandrashekhar, I have been extremely fortunate to learn from him and his great contemporaries who regularly visited my house. It is really a great honour to be on the same dais as these living legends”

Govinda : “The young generation is highly indebted to these legendary artistes and we should never forget the pioneers”

Aruna Irani :
“I thank the film industry where a simple girl like me got such honour and recognition”

Johny Lever :
“An elderly person saw a poster and requested him to show him ‘Vikram Aur Vetaal’ to which he said it is Amitabh & Abhishek in PAA. Jokes apart, I have personally learnt a lot from these living legends”

Shahrukh Khan (through SMS)
: “I would have loved to attend this event specially in view of honouring Manoj Kumar Sahab only if I had not committed my dates”

Sanjay Dutt (Message)
: “Last moment emergency has prevented me to attend this event which I would have loved to specially in view of the fact that you are honouring Dutt family”




Sidhesh Films

ADVISORS :Shri Chandrashekhar, Shri Lekh Tandon,
Shri Kader Khan, Shri Ali Peter John and Ms.Kanchan Adhikari

M.V.Balagiri & Ashok Shekhar

Strawberry Events


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