Thursday, April 22, 2010


Umesh Gandhi producer of film Mumbai 118 invited all the cast and crew for audio release at Renaissance Club at Andheri . He was the first to come for the event. Aditya Raj Kapoor came with actress Kohinoor Khan. Jackie Shroff came for his friend Aditya Raj to release the audio. Kiran Janjani was the last to come for the event. Audio visuals of film was shown to the media and guests. Other guests who came for the event were- Jagmohan Mundra, Shashi Sharma, Mushtaq Khan, Shiva, Rajan Verma, Ratnakar Kumar, Arun Bakshi and music director Liyaqat Ajmeri. The event started and finished on time. Film is based on a real story of big business man falls in love with a bar dancer. Music is released on Worldwide Records.

This story revolves around Masum an innocent & simple Girl who comes from a poor family. To meet the ends of the daily requirements of the family she was compelled to start working as a dancer in a local Dance Bar.

Masum was an instant hit amongst the customers as she was very beautiful & danced very well. On one such night she gets to meet a Wealthy builder (Aditya Raj Kapoor) who on seeing Masum fells in love with her & asks her to quit this work and stay with him. Masum says this to her uncle (Mushtaq Khan) but he had some other plans for her... he wanted her to get married to his son Sarfaraz (Kiran Janjani). But on repeated convincing by the builder she falls for her and goes away with him and stays in a separate flat provided by him. She quits Dance Bar and lives a happy life with the builder as his keep.

Masum gets pregnant and delivers a daughter. She gets involved in the upbringing of her daughter and the builder gets busy with his business. In due time Sarfarz comes closer to Masum in one pretext or other… he lures her and they get physically involved. Masum is inclined towards Sarfarz more now. On learning about their proximity the builder leaves Masum & she starts leaving with Sarfaraz happily. Days passed by, Masum was very much involved with Sarfaraz, but Sarfaraz on the other hand was busy spending all her money in Dance Bars and drinking. He was so addicted to drinking that he had almost bankrupted Masum and even raised huge loans on her name.

Sarfaraz on one such occasion sells Masum’s flat to one of his lender without her consent and knowledge, they had a big quarrel. They were again forced to stay in hutment with no money in hands. Masum tried to rejoin Dance Bar but she had no market and takers now. Sarfaraz due to his addiction and habit decided to make Masum’s daughter dance in the Dance Bar and had fight with Masum also. Masum informs the builder about it and the builder hiers some goon to kill Sarfaraz and take his daughter with him…

Does Masum’s daughter becomes a Bar Dancer?

Did the Builder takes back Masum in her life…does he succeeds in killing sarfaraz?

Aditya Raj Kapoor, Kiran Janjani,
Kohinoor Khan, Mustaque Khan

produced by Umesh Gandhi
directed by Rajiv co-directed by Surender Verma written by: S. Sachinder DOP. Akram Shaikh Music: Liyaqat Ajmeri Lyrics: Tauraz, Rashid Firozabadi, Jaffer Sagar Choreographer: Meha Modi Sound: Arif Sheikh Publicity: MiDiAHOUSE Promotions: Dwapar Promoters

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