Sunday, May 22, 2011


Reeth Wearing Jaya Misra's gown on the Red Carpet in Cannes

Ravishing Reeth, the international look model actress with an innate Indianness, headed to Cannes Film Festival (May 11-22) as two of her films, ‘Visible Bra Straps’ and ‘The Au Revoir’ had been showcased on this global platform. And Reeth promised to rock the biggest global stage of them all in designer outfits specially created by Jaya Mistral one of the best Indian fashion designers representing the best in Bollywood and traditional-to-modern Indian craftsmanship. Watch Reeth making a grand red carpet entry in a dazzling black and glowing red gown as part of her endeavour to make her mark on the global arena.

An excited Reeth says, “It is indeed a proud moment for me because of the rare honour of having two of my films being showcased at Cannes 2011. It was apt for me to choose the inimitable native Jaya Misra and other as they represent the best Bollywood and traditional-to-modern fashion designing values. I have given them my inputs and they have conjured up brilliant outfits that will have the world asking for more. They understand my USP of an international look and feel with a distinct Indian identity.”

Reeth was noticed in her TV commercials with Deepika Padukone in the Fiama Di Wills campaign and with Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the MAK Lubricants campaign but her 44-minute bold Indo-Italian collaboration English film, ‘Visible Bra Straps’ on female bonding is really propelling her into the limelight. "The Au Revoir" [HD] is the story of an emotional overnight journey shot, directed, edited by Jean-Louis Carrasco with Reeth and Siddhant Karnick; Co-produced by Jean-Louis Carrasco and Sammy Hossenny.

Reeth, the ravishing actress from Kolkata, made waves with her film, ‘Visible Bra Straps’ by writer-director Ajitesh Sharma. This Indo-Italian collaboration is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional 'Sandra' (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student 'Sanjana' (Reeth). They wouldn't have even know each other had their life continued as it is. Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love. Their solitude brings them together, not in person but in virtual, through web chat. It seems that their pain is connecting them together, but it is not. They are entirely different as individuals; their cultures and way of lives are poles apart. It is their difference that is connecting them more and more. Sandra is shocked to see how Sanjana can restrict herself to constraints, which seems so ridiculous to her. Sanjana is equally shocked to see the joy Sandra finds in her own body. VBS (Visible Bra Straps) is their point of reference to the Sandra's freedom and Sanjana's bounds. But not all freedoms bring solace. Life has not connected them only for fun…

VBS, the First Film in India on Canon 5D, has grabbed accolades and awards galore. It was selected @ Short Film Corner, Cannes; Myrtle Beach International Film Festival; and Riverside International Film Festival, California. It was covered in Shorts & Docs Section of Film India Worldwide. It was at Director's Lounge, Berlin; and showcased at India International Film Festival of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Talking about the film, Reeth says, “Well, Visible Bra Straps was a successful experiment and I am glad that it is making waves internationally. It has helped me discover myself as an actress and showcased diverse facets of my talent. I’m glad I could make a mark in short feature and advertising films and now am looking for opportunities in big ticket feature films.”

Reeth is exuberant girl with looks to die for as she the looks are different says all. She already has Telugu and Tamil films to her credit and already has couple of offers from some renowned banners. She has a great passion for music and dancing. Reeth loves to be doing film like Neetu Singh did in her times and not only she but her family and friends also find her fitting that bracket She is knows belly dancing, salsa, lambada, jazz, reggae, samba and Kathak. The new girl in the Tinsel Town is not new to the film Industry as her grand father was an acclaimed editor. Not in Bollywood, but in Bengali films. Reeth just like the thousands of girls who grew up seeing whole lot of movies never thought that one day she will be cast as a heroine in a B-Town movie. Since she has no contacts in the film industry at all, Reeth thought that a tough battle with fate and luck is needed if one has to establish in the filmdom.

Reeth has done several TV commercials for Lakme, Fiama Di Wills Shampoo, Mitsubishi, Nycil Deo Fresh and Ebay, etc. She has done Print ads for Stayfree, Parryware, Nycil Deo Fresh etc.