Thursday, June 9, 2011


Comedy T.V. Serial“Hi! Padosi... Kaun Hai Doshi?” completed !

Century Maximum Entertainment Pvt.Ltd’s daily comedy Serial “Hi! Padosi... Kaun Hai Doshi?”,  will be aired Monday to Friday at 7:30 P.M. on Sahara One. Its producers are Ankur Joshi and Kamlesh Bhanushali and Directors are Rajesh Gupta & Amitabh Sinha.Now " Hi! Padosi... Kaun Hai Doshi?' completed 100 episode telecasts i.e. it’s completed Century.

It’s a story of two neighbors’ with living on the same floor. One is Gujarati Hansmukh Lal Mehta and another one Harvansh Lal Mehta is from Punjab. As the name plates of both carries the same initials i.e. H.L.Mehta, it creates a confusion for everyone...and the confusion leads to situation full of laughter.

The Star cast of daily comedy Serial, ““Hi! Padosi... Kaun Hai Doshi?” is Sanjeeda Sheikh, Sejal Shah, Giriraj Kabra, Muni Jha, Nilu kohli, Govind Khatri, Gulfam Khan, Govind Bole and others. The cameraman is V.Saukat.