Saturday, August 27, 2011


It is wonderful to know that Hindi film actors are now making name for themselves and their film industry in the international arena. Famous Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover won the Best Actor International award at New York City Film Festival, for his performance as Indian Holyman, Spiritualman, Dada Bhagwan for film DESPERATE ENDEAVOURS.
Actor Gulshan Grover with the award

CEO and Founder of New York City Film festival Mr. Roberto Rizzo said’ "Gulshan Grover’s performance as the Indian Holyman is so compiling , sincere and has an Aura that entire Jury unanimously voted for Gulshan Grover as the Best Actor International. We will be screening this film at Times Square for all the tourist and public"

Hollywood Legendary Actress Sally Kirkland received an honorary Award. Other recipient of Award was Steven Bauer (of film Scarface). Film Desperate Endeavors is directed by French, Algerian, American Director Sam Khassa.The film was screened to the selected Hollywood Celebrity, film makers, Critics and invited guest in New York, Manhattan.

Bollywood Actress Rani Mukerjee who is also in New York congratulated Gulshan Grover for winning the prestigious Award. Gulshan Grover’s winning the Best Actor Award for playing Dada Bhagwan is being celebrated by the Gujarati Community, other Indians and Americans film maker friends in New York. Gulshan Grover was also applauded for his role in the award winning film I AM KALAAM.
The celebrations, parties, for Gulshan Grover winning Best Actor Award are continuing.

Gulshan Grover talking to a journalist at Red Carpet at New York City Film Festival

Gulshan Grover with DOP Scott & Director Sam Khasa
Gulshan Grover with Sally Kirkland
Gulshan Grover with Steven Bauer of Scarface