Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Thane's Dahi Handi had 12 mandals who achieved 8 tiers, 5 mandals tried for 9 tiers and 1 tried for 10 tier for the biggest prize money around 1 crore which had lot of mandals vying for it

John Abraham came in with Vipul shah and interacted with the crowd over 50 thousand people which was phenomenal crowdthe enthusiasim of the people was great. John removed his shirt on the crowds demand and showed is packs as well. He told that this was one of the most amazing events he has attended which has such interactive audience. 

Organisers presented  Anna cap to all the guests to mark support towards Anna Hazare movement
and all the Bollywood celebs said they support the movement. 

Neha Dhupia showed up in an Indian outfit and looked gorgeous she was dressed for the occasion and also tried her hand at breaking the dahi handi and awarded the only women dahi handi team. Pratap Sarnaik played aperfect host along with his sons Vihang and Purvaish Sarnai. 

Other celebrities included Udita Goswami who came with Rohit Roy, Sameer Dattani. The stage was designed by Nitin Chandrakanth Desai and covered on 3D cameras.

Over the years, this event in Thane City has grown from strength to strength to become one of the largest in the country. It has grown from being not only just one of the richest in-terms of price monies, to being one of the most prestigious. It is the place where records are set, in terms of the biggest “Human Pyramids”. Last year, the event led to the creation of a world record with the successful completion of a “Human Pyramid” of 9 tiers. This record was achieved by 2 different teams, in their attempt to reach the 45 feet high “Handi” It has become such a large event that in the last year we saw more than 50,000 people coming to the venue to witness the event.

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