Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Rohit Roy
UFO spotted in Kandivali
Revolving restaurant comes to Mumbai’s suburbs

For the best international cuisine in the most spectacular ambience, UFO is here to transport you to Space Age Also launching U-Turn, a unique barn-style diner and U-Turn Sports Lounge, Mumbai, 

What a beautiful
January 22, 2012: After the success of U-Turn, a popular suburban bistro in Khar, restaurateur Jimmy Chhadha launched city’s only REVOLVING FINE DINING RESTAURANT with an unusual décor that allows you to dine in Space Age! 

Spread across 7000sq ft, the revolving restaurant can seat around 200 diners in a setting of vibrant colours and fascinating sounds of an electrifying space station. Enjoy delectable Indian, continental and Oriental cuisines prepared using finest ingredients by master chefs. Tuck into tasty pizzas, share a platter and enjoy some creamy desserts as the view keeps changing every time you look outside! 

The circular bar in the center adds to the dramatic tone of the décor, making it inviting and upbeat. Our list of select wines, classic spirits and creatively crafted cocktails will leave you asking for more. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jimmy Chhadha commented, “I wanted to offer the people from Bandra to Borivali and beyond a decent place to dine where each meal is an experience in itself.” 

Jimmy Chaddha & Sanjay Gupta
So whether it’s a business breakfast or an informal lunch, or an intimate dinner, join our orbit and say cheers to a good life! Added bonus: two more eatery surprises in the same complex! U-Turn- exquisite barn-style dinning This upscale diner pays a tribute to colonial style stables. Get captivated by a space lit by Victorian lights, a beautiful horse-drawn tram, tree trunk tables, jockey tables, macchan and elements like saddles, horseshoes, bridles, winkers that remind of a true-blue rustic barn. Relish the finest cuisine and signature dishes served with a selection of wines, margaritas and spirits. 

Choose your setting and get transported to a world of royal allure to savour a good al fresco meal. U-Turn Sports Lounge – for the love of game! Indulge in a distinct dining experience that explores cuisines from across the world without distracting from our first love – sports! Here’s to some adventure dining with giant flat screens TVs alongside large caricatures of sports personalities. The lounge serves an extensive selection of beer and spirits, gourmet snacks, light meals and beverages making it perfect place to watch your favourite game with friends and cheer aloud for your team. A voyage into space, the Wild Wild West or sporting madness that you loved from the late 1960s America, we’ve recreated it all in the comforts of the 21st century. Welcome aboard! 
Jimmy & Gudiya Chaddha