Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Pakistani actress in Bollywood Veena Malik has discarded the reports about her acknowledging posing nude for International magazines and Hollywood assignments. The reality girl has claimed that she has been misquoted and that she would never do anything which would tarnish her reputation.

Veena revealed that she has already shunted the offers given to her by renowned International magazines to pose nude. A source close to Veena Malik has confirmed that she did get offers from the Playboy, Sun UK and Zoo magazine with a huge amount of money but she refused to pose nude.

She added, "I have been misquoted by a media agency that I was willingly to do anything if I was offered Hollywood films as the working culture was different from Indian and Pakistani films".

Veena did quote, “When I’m in Hollywood I would do what is expected of me within their industry. I’m an entertainer after all""But this doesn't mean that I would go nude for work. How can one reach to any such conclusions", clarified Veena who is presently in Dubai.