Thursday, January 26, 2012


Veena Malik, the actress from Pakistan recently in the news for all the wrong reasons like semi nude pics in FHM magazine etc.  is doing a 3D horror movie in a jungle in southern India. Chhota Chetan (1998) was the First ever 3D Indian Movie now this is second time in Bollywood a Movie which is totally shoot in 3D. Veena Malik has finally grabbed a major role in 3D horror movies “Mumbai 125 Km”. It can be Veena Malik’s boldness, talent or popularity by which she was given priority on other Indian actresses to be in 3D movie.

"After a smashing hit, many questioned my decision to make a Hindi 3D movie. But I haven’t forgotten Chota Chetan (1998) that I watched as a kid,” says Madhukar, who two years ago had directed another ghost story, A Flat (2010), that was a debacle. 

Isn’t Madhukar taking a risk by casting the errant actor in his chiller-thriller? 
The director admits that when even though Veena fit the role but she promised me that she would give the challenging role her best shot. And after working with her, I’ve realised that she’s a dedicated actor,’ he says.

Veena was so excited about the film she said: "It's a 3D horror film with Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar, and it's really hard to shoot. It’s a 3D film, not like the other 3D films in Hindi where the 2D format is converted into 3D. We are shooting in 3D which means every shot takes hours sometimes. It's really time consuming because I am playing both the 'thriller' and 'horror' element of the film."

The trend of 3D movies is highly appreciated in Hollywood and so it was adapted by Bollywood as well.