Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Dillzan Wadia
Dillzan wadia, a tall and handsome youth all set to hit the bull’s eye on the filmy horizon, has a God’s Gift nay an inborn talent of writing and acting. 

Besides he also wields the megaphone to produce his own pure thoughts. A product of L. S. Raheja College he has been dabbling with theatre since then. That apart he has also danced his way on stage as a performer worldwide. It was during one such dance performance that he met producer Suresh Thakker who gave him his much coveted break as a lead hero in MURDER CHARGE. And now his 2nd movie PHIR AIK SAZISH is ready for release. We met this dynamic and energetic youth whence he took a stroll down his past, present and future journey in Bollywood. Over to him for his own version straight from the horse’s mouth!

About yourself
“Talking briefly about my pre-filmic background I would like to state that believe it or not but since childhood I definitely wanted to be an actor. This passion for acting kept on growing till I myself grew up. I always get a complement that I am a tall & handsome youth besides I feel I have a God’s Gift nay an inborn talent of acting and filmmaking for which I also wield the megaphone to produce my own pure thoughts.”

Your Education...
“I am a product of L. S Raheja College where I have always been dabbling with theatre plays. Once out of College I kept on pursuing my passionate dream of course by now a passionate reality by freelance acting in different theatre groups in India & abroad as I did not belong to any one particular theatre group. That apart I kept on honing my dancing skills so I kept on getting dancing on stage offers too.”

Bollywood Career...
“My journey from theatre to Bollywood was neither easy nor difficult as I had never expected it to be. But it just so happened that during one of my stage dancing show abroad a gentleman came up to me and asked me if I would like to act. I said yes instantly and impulsively before he could change his mind. The gentleman was producer Suresh Thakkar who offered me my 1st lead role in MUDER CHARGE.”

“Then before I could get my 2nd film I had to wait and watch. So in the interim phase I kept on writing beautiful and meaningful scripts which I translated into 2 short films named HASSAN & KARMA. My film KARMA starring myself and directed by me and produced by Russy & Hasan which were in the Short Films Competition Section was appreciated by all the delegates and media from all over the world at the 42nd International Film Festival of Goa. In fact Jackie Shroff & Farah Khan congratulated me personally. And now my 2nd Hindi feature film PHIR AIK SAZISH is hitting soon in cinemas all over India & Overseas too.”

What is T-20 Cinema?
“In fact with this 2 short films HASSAN & KARMA I have introduced a new concept of T- 20 cinema and that too has been appreciated by all. According to me new filmmaker with low budget don’t have lots of money to spend on making 2 hours film so now they can make a 20 to 30 minutes film and they will surely get theatres for that within a year as for now people with busy schedule cannot make it for 2 hours films so they can come in a cinema and can watch 20 to 30 minutes film. Just as people were used to a test match than they were used to 50: 50 matches and then came 20: 20 T 20 match. In the same way my concept is 20: 20 minutes T 20 film.”

“Speaking of HASSAN I would like to say that it is of 20 minutes duration based on terrorist activities. It shows how the younger generation is misleading with the preaching that if we kill in the name of religion we will go to Jannat (Heaven). It is the true story of a man who planted a bomb in a Mumbai Local in 2008. And when he comes home he discovers that his own family has been killed in the said bomb blast. While the other film KARMA underlines the saying ‘As you sow so you reap’ if you do good unto others they will do good unto you.”

Tell us about Phir Aik Sazish...
“Now let’s speak about my 2nd film PHIR AIK SAZISH which is based on the topic of the sexual abuse of a boy by elderly richie rich ladies. This is a true story inspirationally penned by me. Once again it so happened that when I had gone for a stage performance in UK I had met producers Jitendra Modi & Pravin Chudasama both of whom were very keen to make a film in India. One thing lead to another I narrated to them a beautifully conceptualized story of PHIR AIK SAZISH which I had penned after reading about it in a London Newspaper. It’s about an adolescent boy who is unwillingly albeit sexually abused time and again by rich elderly ladies so much so that he starts abhorring them and starts murdering them but is caught in the cop’s dragnet very soon. I am enacting the role of Rohan whose girlfriend Muskaan’s mother has also been killed. In fact I help her and all the members of the murdered victim’s family in unmasking the killer who is always wearing a silver mask and thereby unveiling the mystery. It has been directed by Shyam Shah and co – produced by me under my own banner Dillzan wadia Productions.”

Forthcoming Project...
“Next you can also see me in a 3D film SUPER KID WITH SARA KHAN which is being directed by Ramesh Meer besides another untitled 3D film as a lead hero based on Gen X starring other well – known faces too. It will be produced and directed by Rakesh Singh. My ambition is also to work with big directors like Madhur bhandarkar, Amir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Bharadwaj et al.”