Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mumbai, February 22, 2011: The entire last week there has been a lot of speculation around the news ‘Shekhar Ab Dobara Karega’ but, there was no clue about what is it that he is going to do? A campaign showing Shekhar trying his hands at Boxing, becoming a Chef and even attempting to stage a Fast for a cause have been seen but again without a clue about his plans.

Shekhar Suman at SAB TV
Alka Suman, Shekhar’s wife, too was totally clueless about what is underway. She said, “I have tried my level best to figure out what’s going on, but Shekhar refuses to share anything. He has been extremely preoccupied and knowing him I can say that whatever he is planning will be something big. He has a reputation to live-up to and I am hoping and praying that all this effort that he is putting in pays-off.”

SAB TV, today, uncovered one layer of the secret when they announced that SAB TV and Shekar Suman are planning something big. They, together, are bringing Shekhar back doing something that only he does the best.

Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head SAB, speaking about the venture said, “Shekhar is an icon as far as the television industry is concerned, he has essayed many a roles and has a huge fan following. I am sure that when we both team up we shall have an offering that the entire family will enjoy. I can’t reveal much but very soon we shall be making an announcement that will surprise one and all.”

Adhyayan Suman, said that, “I wish I knew what Dad was up to. He has been spending a lot of time with his hair stylist and dress designer trying out new looks and outfits. I even spoke to them, but they are as clueless as we are. He has promised us that he will reveal his plans quite soon and I am eagerly waiting for that day. When I see the kind of efforts he is putting in, I can bet that this is going to be something really big.”

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