Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ibaadat Foundation is a Trust recently founded by a few friends who have a shared passion for poetry, to fulfil a long-standing dream of bringing poetry to life through musical and recital rendition and to enable poets, who engender the soul of poetry, to attain their rightful place in our hearts and minds (see note below).

It's first programme, Rooh-e-Majrooh, was dedicated to Majrooh Sultanpuri, the acknowledged literary shayar...the shayar who composed more than 4,000 songs over 55 years, bringing to us classic sentiments like Rahein na rahein ham mehka karenge, Chaand phir nikla, Wo jo milte the kabhi, Chal ri sajni, Chhod do aanchal, Jalte hain jiske liye, Teri aankhon ke siva and Uthaye ja unke sitam. This 150-minute programme, held on 12th November 2011 at a packed India Islamic Cultural Centre-New Delhi, brought to stage an innovative style of presentation, with 25 of his best poetic film songs sung by professionals. In addition, there were recitals of some of his exemplary ghazals and shers. The programme received an overwhelming applause; some audience comments are given below.

Mr. Farooque Shaikh and Ms. Saba Sultanpuri (daughter of Majroohsab) along with her husband, Mr. Raju Naushad (son of the legendary music director Naushad), who had graced the above event, found the programme unique and of amazing quality, and suggested we take it to Mumbai.

The Foundation, to also now spread its mission across the country, is planning Rooh-e-Majrooh in Mumbai on 16th March, 2012 at 8 pm at the 470-seater Veer Savarkar Auditorium, Shivaji Park, Dadar. Entry is strictly by invitation only, extended to only a very select group of discerning people.

Programmes conducted by Ibaadat are being funded through the corpus and continuing contributions of the Trustees. In addition, like in Delhi, we will raise some funds through advertisements in the Programme Souvenir. Please indicate your interest in advertising so that the details could be sent.

The Trust is also building a larger corpus for its multi-dimensional activities and is open to receiving donations. We would welcome your contribution.

For further information, please ontact : Prithvi Haldea

Our second event, a kavi goshthi, Neeraj-Ek Shaam held at The Peninsula Studio in Delhi on 28th January, 2012 witnessed an electrifying poetry recital by the living legend Gopal Das “Neeraj”. Acknowledged as one of the finest poets in the Hindi world, Neeraj enthralled the audience with his poetry and philosophy over a 2-hour solo programme.

Life Trustees
• Prithvi Haldea (Chairman)
• Naveen Anand
• Sangeeta Bedi
• Vishnu Dusad
• Dinesh Kothari
• Sanjiv Saraf
• Vijay Singh Yadav

About Ibaadat Foundation

Ibaadat ke maanii hote hai.n –worship-aradhana.

Shaayarii, kavita– chahe kisii bhii zubaan me.n ho, dil –o-ruuh se niklii hu.ii aavaaz hai. It is the most beautiful verbal expression of human emotion. It is eternal—poetry written hundreds of years ago remains relevant even today. In fact, nothing moves the human heart as does poetry.

Ye kahaa jaataa hai ke jo baat ek sher ya chhand me.n nihaa.n hotii hai
vo pothii men bhii bayaan nahiin ho sakti...
Dard ko dil me.n jagah de shaayar
Ilm se shaayarii nahiin hotii.

However, while we are touched by poetry, especially that which is set to music and which has become popular through cinema, and while we eulogise the singers whose soulful renditions bring this poetry into light, we have virtually no knowledge or appreciation of the real genius-the shaayar- the creative fount- who is ignored, unsung and, more often than not, forgotten.

Our aim at Ibaadat is to work towards reducing this injustice. It is our effort to bring to the centre stage those who are the soul- the ruuh of poetry and try and provide them their rightful place in the hearts and minds of all poetry and music lovers.

It is also our humble effort to try and encourage and provide whatever assistance and support we can to poets and artistes who keep the flame of poetry burning bright.

Just hear the pain and aspirations of this young poet…
ameer-e-shehr kaa dil ta.ng ho gayaa varnaa
qadam qadam pe yahaa.n miir zauq Ghalib hai.n

Our audience would be those people, that nucleus of cultural awareness and passion, who understand and appreciate poetry.

This is our ibaadat at the altar of poetry.

Ibaadat Foundation
C-101,Rishi Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi–110019
Phone: 26037120, 26028362 Fax: 26031792 Email: haldea@ibaadatindia.org


Novel, warm, emotional, well-researched, well-presented…outstanding format, outstanding script, perfect song selection, outstanding singers, well-selected shers. Have seen nothing like this before. God bless.
Saba Sultanpuri (daughter of Majrooh Sultanpuri) and
Raju Naushad (son of Naushad and husband of Saba)

An exemplary event. An outstanding effort to bring poetry back to life…in fact a great service to revive values. Thoroughly enjoyable ,thoroughly inspiring evening. Farooque Shaikh

The event was stupendous! Innovatively structured, elegantly presented-the epitome of great poetry.
U.K.Sinha, Chairman, SEBI and Shabnam Sinha, Consultant, World Bank

You managed to do the impossible in balancing avant garde literary critique with popular taste.
Prashant Saran, Board Member, SEBI

Absolutely inspired and engrossing evening.
Amir Khan, Dy. Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

It was a marvellous program.
Arun Duggal, Chairman, Shriram Capital Ltd.

Simply mind-blowing. The innovative format, the engaging script, the thoughtfully constructed stage, the rustic and earthy hosts, the melodious singers, the regular surprises, and of course the memorable poetry, it was just perfect.
Varad Pande, PS to Union Minister, Rural Development

The thought, the effort and the execution was exemplary. You have started a movement which should see no end.
Chetan Sharma, Chief Anchor, Zee Business

The concept, planning and execution were wonderful. All work of a genius.
Vijai Mathur, Partner, Link Legal

Meticulous!!! We could never imagine such a classic event. You were too good.
R. K.Sinha, Managing Director, Varta-European Broadcasting Union

Brilliantly conceived and beautifully enacted. Well selected songs brilliantly sung.
Purinder Ganju

Not just “fantastic” but probably “fantabulous”. This programme was far superior in quality and contents as compared to any other programme that I have attended in last two decades or so.
G.Gehani, Director, PSL Ltd.

Astounding programme.
Jitendra Agarwal, Partner, Deloitte, Haskins and Sells

Wonderful. Very differently conceived poetry-music concert. Well executed.
Manoj Arora, Director, CBEC

It was a lovely show. It truly was a different experience.
Avantika Bhuyan, Business Standard

A very innovative and enjoyable programme. Well done.
Rajiv Burman, MD, Lighthouse Partners

Awesome singing and great quality of the musical track-great start.
Poonam Chopra

Have not attended a more warm and personal performance. This is a very touching and beautiful concept.
Malavika Gupta, Director, Archohm Architects

What a wonderful event. We had lost all track of time, enjoying every moment, every word, every song and the shayari but before we could realize it came to an end. I wish it was longer.
Satya Priya Haldia

The audience was totally enthralled. Deepak Kapoor, CEO, manupatra.com

Toast to the creative trio that resulted in a memorable evening.
Kanika Marwaha, Director, Warwick College

Exhilarating experience. The passion, commitment and initiative are exemplary.
Rajesh Mathur, Ex-Director NIIT

Excellent concept. Fantastic choice of songs and rendition.
Dr Lalitha Subramanyam, Apollo Hospital