Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Song, dance and fun are not just some of the few things that the film “2 Little Indians” promises.

Bollywood has welcomed a number of ad film-makers who have gained tremendous amount of success wit their feature films in the industry. Ravi Bhatia too is looking forward to join te bandwagon. Ravi Bhatia is a well-known ad film maker who has been a part of the ad film industry for the last 15 years. He has directed around 300 ad films and 2 tele films “Kab Hogi Subah Hamari” and “Nanhe Kadam” for Doordarshan. This ad man turned film-maker is now knocking on Bollywood’s door with his debut “2 Little Indians”.

After showing his talent in ads the director Ravi Bhatia is now debuting with a feature film “2 Little Indians”. Through the film the director puts forth an important message of love, honour and loyalty towards one’s nation. The director believes that he is an enteratiner and a very creative person . He wishes that not only his first film but also the next that he makes will bear a social message. The director describes film-making as something that brings him great pleasure.

Ravi Bhatia has repeatedly used children to put out his message. Reason being he believes that “children have a variety of emotions to portray and are very expressive” says Ravi Bhatia.“2 Little Indians” is a film that has Ronak and Rohit as its main characters; they are young, mischievous and are always up to new tricks. The fun in the movie begins when the kids begin to play pranks on a retired colonel who is also their neighbor . The colonel on the other hand dislikes the fact that the kids do not take their nation seriously and do not respect it in the way that they should. At a later stage in the film however these naughty children turn out to be extremely brave and responsible inspired by the Colonel.

Through the film Ravi Bhatia’s main goal is to put out a social message that is of patriotism. According to him parents today do not encourage their children to be part of the Indian Army but make them choose lucrative professions that bring more money as compared to respect,he boasts that the film will do just that.

This social message is brought about in the form of song, dance and comedy. This message also lays emphasis on the responsibility that children have towards their parents, elders and their motherland at large. The movie promises to bring out a strong feeling of patriotism reminding us of the sacrifices that each soldier has made towards the nation. Ravi Bhatia began writing the script in 2007 but the film could not be completed even in three whole years due to the lack of financers and a low budget. “I have made a lot of sacrifices so that the film could be completed, “2 Little Indians” is something that is extremely close to my heart” says Ravi Bhatia on what kept him going despite the struggles he faced.

The passionate film-maker travelled across India in search of the props for his film, he states that “none of the props used in the film have been rented out”. The director used his special collection of coins and stamps that he has been collecting right from the time he was young. “Everything that has been used in the film, right from the clothes have been made and antiques have been collected by me over the years”. He claims that the songs that have been featured in the movie are all a result of his childhood hobby of making short poems,jingles and songs way before the movie began.Since this is his 1st film he thought it would be necessary to commercialize the film with songs and dance comedy etc, but also stick to bringing out the desired social message. Unlike other films that use superstars in the lead roles “2 Little Indians” is a film for kids, and also by kids. Ravi Bhatia states that he believes in quality and not quantity. According to him he wishes to make films that are meaningful and influence people with its theme. He believes that the medium of film is the best way to reach out to the larger masses & films can do wonders for the society if they are presented in the right way. By putting out a film with a strong patriotic thought he hopes that people become more active citizens. Inspite of all the hardships that the director faced the film would not be possible without the help of Pawan Sharma, Shabbir Shaikh , Mohd. Asif Khan, Girish Gupte, Zubair Shaikh genuine and co-operative people. “2 Little Indians” is Ravi Bhatia’s first independent venture as a film director. After acclaimed success as an ad man and also the dir-ector of the controversial music album “Chatni Mix” he has all bets on this home production. He believes that the film although being low on budget will give a good competition to the films with a bigger budget. With 7 great songs, dance and comedy the sharp film- maker boasts of a very patriotic message at the end that promises to move its audiences.

This kid centric patriotic movie “2 LITTLE INDIANS”, written, produced and directed by Ravi Bhatia is all geared up to release in multiplexes in 2012. The cast of the movie includes veteran actors like Kamal Chopra, Kurush Deboo, Mushtaq Khan and others. It is also the debut movie for Master Ronak Bhatia, Master Ansh Sinha and Ravi Bhatia.

The movie is about 2 current generation kids, Ronak and Rohit, and a retired colonel. The first half of the movie highlights hilarious encounters between them and the constant tiff between the parents and the colonel. The second half takes an interesting turn where kids are portrayed as brave, responsible and daring when a couple of thieves try entering their house, finding them all alone. The movie contains an array of messages for the society, parents and children and also throws light on some social and moral values.

Ravi Bhatia bought the movie on floor in 2009 but was unable to complete the project due to lack of financers and a low budget. He says that he has made a lot of sacrifices during this period but still kept going as this movie is important for the society and has a potential to divert the minds of the youth towards our Indian Army.

The movie has a fresh appeal and is a complete family entertainer and thus, it is being promoted by various NGO’s like Naata, Swayam foundation, Baccha party. Slowly and gradually the movie is attracting audiences and sponsors. The movie has collaborated with an about more than 600 schools all across India and is being actively supported by big entities. The movie at this stage has become almost like a mission for the production house and they are working with all their will and soul and have kept their fingers crossed.