Friday, March 2, 2012


Faizan Mir

The Big Switch journey is always a memorable and path changing one for its participants. After ten grueling weeks, Big Switch season 3- Life without daddy ka paisa! has come to an end. From cleaning windows of high rises to mopping floors at a high-end restaurant, the contestants of season 3 have indeed had an awe-inspiring experience. All those bratty ways have given way to an experience filled with lessons for life, value for money and hardships the commoners go through every day to earn their living.

The last man standing of Season 3 Big Switch is Faizan Mir. A 21 year old young man, born to an uber rich dad based in Delhi. Always surrounded with a fleet of servants, Faizan has always been the quintessential rich spoilt brat who loves partying and splurging money and the only reason he agreed to come on Big Switch 3 was to win his big wish, a blank cheque promised to him by his father. Post the show he underwent a switch, realizing the importance of having ones own identity instead of resting on the laurels of ones family. He experienced how it feels to be on the other side where there is no shortcut to success. From being a salesman at a popular mall, to being a masseuse, Faizan has paved his way through what seemed impossible at first. Such was the impact on this young man that when his father handed him his “big wish”, he undauntedly returned the cheque to his father to every ones surprise.

Commenting on winning Big Switch Season 3, Faizan Mir said, “It has been a very humbling experience for me, right from the start. Not only did the show teach me the value of money, but also people. I am very thankful to god that I was born in such an affluent family. I now have just one aspiration in my life, to do something of my own and make a name for myself in this world and that’s the reason I made a decision not to accept my big wish of a blank cheque!”

“I have actually seen Faizan mould from his arrogance to being a dedicated person. I am very happy for Faizan and he is one person who has always given his best at every task. Initially he had his guard up, but as the show progressed, Faizan showed his commitment and selflessness towards his housemates. I am sure Faizan will do really well in life and prove to be a very successful man!” commented Rohit Shetty, judge on Big Switch 3.