Friday, March 23, 2012


Shooting of “Mumbai 125 Kms” completed with Veena Malik, Karanveer Bohra and co-stars at Filmcity, Goregaon.

“Mumbai 125 Kms” is the second original Hindi 3D Movie in Bollywood after Chhota Chetan. Hemant Madhukar, director of the movie said, “I am happy that my movie has completed after getting caught by many controversies, Veena is a dedicated actors she had fulfilled her promised and at last my film shooting has come to an end.”

Veena was so excited about the film she said: "It's a 3D horror film with Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar, and it's really hard to shoot. Nowadays many directors claim their film are 3D but actually is a 2D film which is converted into 3D format. We are shooting in 3D which means every shot takes hours sometimes. It's really time consuming because I am playing both the 'thriller' and 'horror' element of the film."

At last but not the least Karanveer Bohra shared his experience working in 3D movie. He said, “It was a quite good experience and enjoyed working with veena and Hemantji. I think it’s not easy to shoot in 3D but Hemantji had worked very perfectly in all terms. I visit Maqdoom Baba Dargah and its all Allah’s Blessing I got this opportunity.”