Saturday, March 31, 2012


A man from Aviation Industry turned a film maker and gave Marathi film industry awesome film VAZIR almost ten years before. He had handled all the department of film. The film proved superduper hit and turning point for the industry. The film earned him 6 Maharashtra State Awards and 3 Filmfare Awards. He is none other than multifaceted and brilliant film maker Ujjwal Thengdi.  Here's a chat with Ujjwal Thengdi copy/paste from the internet.

Where Ujjwal was for so many years? 
“I was busy with my plays in England. I also made a pilot episode of TV serial SANDHYA starring Ayesha Jhulka, Deepak Tijori and Govind Namdeo. I made documentary on Akku Yadav who had molested about 22 women and killed 4 eventually. He was killed by victim’s mothers outside Nagpur High Court. The documentary was screened at ‘River To River’ festival.”

Ujjwal is ready with another bomb on celluloid namely IN THE NAME OF TAI where again he has handled entire departments of the film. He is producer, director, story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, music, singer, choreography, costumes, subtitles and also acted in the film. The film stars Dr. Nishigandha Wad, Mahesh Thakur, Asrani, Dr. Vilas Ujwane, German actress Suzzane Bernert and ofcourse Ujjwal himself.

Nishigandha plays the protagonist Tai which means elder sister. “The film is inspired by a true story of educated woman of a village. She chooses a valiant but a perilous avenue. She unfortunately suffers sexually (Not rape) as well as psychologically in her personal life, yet altruistically battles for a common cause of protecting acres of land owned by the village farmers and deprived poverty stricken village community, from the clutches of the corridor of power, builders and politicians,” adds Ujjwal

So whose story is this? 
He with a sadness and anger in eyes says, “Navleen Kumar, a social activist from Thane district near Mumbai who was murdered in the most gruesome manner way back on 19th June 2002 for crusading against local politicians, builders and land mafia.”

“I wish sacrifice of Navleen should not go unnoticed and media should play important role exposing her murderers. I am trying to bring this true sad incidence in the form of film so that people come to know about this tragedy. I will also dub the film in 16 languages so that truth can reach every corner of India.”

When Ujjwal announced the film he received threat calls ultimately resulting in an attack on him at Santacruz, a suburb in Mumbai. Fortunately he was saved with few minor injuries.

What you want say through this film? 
“I just think from my soul how we will change all this? What we will give to next generations? I humbly request all the producers to keep aside all the romance and fantasies. Please show the truth, the reality to today’s generation. IN THE NAME OF TAI is not made to create controversy but to show that she has not received justice till today. I want to say system please look after everybody to the grass root level.”

Ujjwal’s next venture will revolve around RTI act. He will be making a Gujarati film on political subject which will go on the floor mostly in September 2012. He has written a book ‘Curfew And Kundali’ based on his short stories. Two stories will be transformed into feature films. He has finished script of an English film. He is having 54 topics ready with him, all registered in India and under copyright act of foreign countries. His dream is to get these all on silver screen under his banner Oum Films.