Saturday, March 31, 2012


Dance India Dance unveils the first of its kind WAP site & Mobile Application in India!

Mumbai, March 27th, 2012: Continuing with the tradition of exploring differentiated marketing on DID, Zee TV once again is ready to set some new benchmarks. Maruti Suzuki Dance India Dance Season 3 will unveil the first of its kind WAP site & Mobile Application. Devices Like iPads, BlackBerry, Android, netbooks, iPhones, PDAs, eBook reader, tablet PCs and cell phones have built a virtual network which connects people on the go and allows them to stay connected anytime and anywhere. This cutting edge technology will make a dream come true for all DID fans and the tech savvy generation of smartphone and feature phone users. The channel has associated with MOBILOX Innovations Pvt. Ltd to develop a WAP & APP technology which will give all mobile phone addicts the opportunity to reach out to their favourite DID contestants in real time.

The WAP site will have exciting and entertaining features like appreciating your favourite participant while you watch them dance on television; chat with your favourite DID contestants and suggest dance steps to them; interact with the judges of DID – Masters Remo, Geeta &  Terence; vote for your favourite participants (with in-built Missed call function) among others. The APP will have fun features like clicking your friend’s photo and turning the photo into an animated character. It will dance to a tune and this video can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. One will also be able to view all the Twitter messages and posts of all participants and judges on one page. The WAP is developed on HTML5. With most mobile phones having no access to Flash, HTML5 can deliver videos and other multimedia content to any kind of mobile phones and feature phones. HTML5 will enable users a better, faster, richer Web experience on their phones.

Mr. Akash Chawla, Marketing Head, National Channels, ZEEL said,  

“Dance India Dance is a brand that is a favourite with viewers of all ages, especially the youth. Through Dance India Dance, Zee TV as a channel got an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the youth of today. Technology engages us in ways that are addictive. Television consumption patterns are changing for good. Viewers are leading the charge toward on-demand entertainment, viewable on the device of their choosing. This power shift is pervasive and they are not just passive viewers anymore, they’re also generators of content, co-creators of products, and – with social media and their smartphones– a media channel in their own right. With anytime, anyplace consumption, it is imperative for a content producer like us to adapt to their methods for making an impression and engaging with audiences. And to remain viable, we must do our part to facilitate this process…DID’s WAP/APP is just the start of this revolution!”

Dance India Dance will be the first ever reality show on Indian television to be present as an application on all mobile/digital platforms. This mobile innovation is aimed at engaging with viewers which in turn will be an effective feedback mechanism to track their responses. The App has been designed keeping in mind the youth of the nation who are very active in the social media sphere. The aim is to provide to audiences with services and solutions with the highest quality, unique and valuable, that will help them connect with shows on ZEE TV anytime and anywhere. The thrill of having one’s favourite contestant come alive on one’s cell is quite something else.

Said Mr. Abhijit Saxena MD & CEO of Mobilox Innovations Pvt. Ltd,

"The explosive growth of Mobile Phones especially smartphones in India has opened up multi model opportunities for viewers to interact with content from the channel. Channels now have a huge opportunity to deliver a concept or a show in multiple flavors on mobile, thus making a TV show come out of the screen and resonate strongly in the minds of the viewers. By marrying television and mobile (2 widely viewed screens) viewers can now interact with a particular show beyond its airing time to a 24 hour format. The introduction of missed call voting by DID has completely changed the dynamics of user interaction with the show. To top it, now, with the introduction of DID WAP and APP, the viewer will be enable with a bi-lateral expression platform where they can emote their feelings towards their favorite contestant and also help him/her better their performance to win the title."

There has been a series of innovation on the current season of DID with the objective of reaching out to the youth of India. It kicked off with the first time ever opportunity for dance enthusiasts to share the videos and audition online. The next innovation was the very cool ‘Dance Mobs’ that were carried out in various streets, markets places, multiplexes, movie theatres of Mumbai & Delhi. Thousands gathered around these places and danced on the latest Bollywood numbers and DID title track!

With every true democracy believing in voting being free...DID initiated ‘DID Season 3, VOTING FREE’ for the first time on Indian Television. Through this, Zee TV had a direct impact on the lives of the viewers by making the entire voting process in DID absolutely free of cost. All a viewer had to do was give a MISSED CALL to all his/her favourite contestants! This season was also significant for another first! This January, the show announced its licensing and merchandising tie-up with sportswear giant Reebok to create and retail a special range of DID and Reebok dance gear. Reebok has designed a customized range of DID dance gear and retails it from around 100 outlets across the country currently. If this was not enough, Zee TV conducted the biggest BTL activity in Mumbai on 1st March 2012 wherein DANCE INDIA DANCE broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the ‘Largest Bollywood Dance in Mumbai’. A crowd of 4428 enthusiastic dancers from all parts of Mumbai helped DID win the coveted certificate from Guinness World Records Ltd.

With the launch of the new APP/ WAP technology, DID will bring ‘Umeed’ into the lives of the viewers by bringing them closer to their favourite participants.

Watch Dance India Dance every Saturday & Sunday at 8:30pm and stay connected with your favorite contestants through the DID APP & WAP on your Phone!