Thursday, April 26, 2012


Chitrangada Singh, Arbaaz Khan and Neha Dhupia at 'You Shave I Shave' Movement -2

Chitrangada Singh, Neha Dhupia and Arbaaz Khan shave and join the Gillette Fusion, ‘You Shave, I Shave’ movement and attempts a Guinness record for ‘World’s Largest Shaving Lesson’

Bollywood brigade Chitrangada Singh, Neha Dhupia and Arbaaz Khan bridge the equality gap between men and women on grooming etiquette. 150 couples came together to break the Guinness Records of ‘Largest Shaving Lesson’

Mumbai, April 18, 2012: 
Zuhaib Khan

Drama ensued when an exchange of dialogue between Chitrangada Singh and Arbaaz Khan threw light on the difference of grooming etiquette that exists between men and women. Few minutes into the conversation the decibels rose and tension peaked between the two on stage as Chitrangada insisted that it is time men make a little effort by simply shaving every day if not then women too will stop dolling up for their boyfriends and husbands.

Suddenly then a group of 150 women led by Neha Dhupia barged in to the venue protesting against shady stubble crying out slogans of ‘You Shave, I Shave’. The women were of the opinion that men do not take grooming seriously and take their women for granted and vowed to shave only if men make the simple effort of shaving every day.  This demand was met and scores were settled when Bollywood hunk Arbaaz Khan took up a Gillette Fusion Razor and got himself a perfect shave.  Neha too didn’t hesitate to pick up the Gillette Satin Care razor to give herself the perfect shaving stroke. At the final moment of conciliation Neha gratified Arbaaz Khan by planting a kiss on his clean shaven smooth cheeks. The movement had kick-started earlier with the Key Issue with Shady Stubble (KISS) campaign followed by No Shave, No Lipstick campaign where leading ladies from Bollywood and other spheres were advocating women would wear lipstick only when their boyfriends and partners shaved and that the only mark that should remain on a man’s face are lipstick marks because of a kisses from their women

The actors urged the men and women present at the venue to make grooming and shaving a part of their daily life by sharing five steps towards perfect shaving. This was followed by a mass Shaveathon which, witnessed 150 couples coming together at a common venue and mastering the perfect shaving steps in an attempt to break the Guinness record for ‘Largest Shaving Lesson’ and gunning for the Limca records for the ‘Largest men and women shaving session’.

Strongly agreeing with the motive of the You shave, I shave campaign, Bollywood megastar and Gillette brand endorser Chitrangada Singh said, “I believe grooming effort should be given equal importance for men and women alike. Women today feel men are lazy and to ensure they shave everyday they have resorted to protest. Women deciding not to shave till their men shave should put an end to this inequality. With Gillette Fusion which provides a smooth and perfect shave effortlessly I feel men have no reason not to shave every day. To encourage a clean shaven look women will reward their partner with a kiss as a sign of appreciation.”

Popular Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan said, “I believe that shaving is an integral part of the male grooming regime. After today’s attempt at the Guiness World Record where women & men are shaving publicly, I will make an effort not to be lazy and shave everyday not only to look and feel my best but also to make my wife Malaika feel special. With the Gillette Fusion razor, men have no reason not to shave everyday as it provides a superior and comfortable shave effortlessly.”

Commenting on her support to the movement, Actress Neha Dhupia said, “I have been associated with Gillette for a long time and I believe that clean-shaven men are not only attractive but also perceived to be more trust worthy, caring and committed. I urge men to get rid of their shady stubble and take grooming seriously by using a Gillette Fusion Razor every day so that the only redness that remains on the face is from the lipstick left behind by a kiss from a woman. As for us women, Gillette’s Satin Care shaving regimen is the perfect solution to get those sexy, smooth legs with better protection against nicks and cuts.”